Nadja Lind’s Brainwave Entrainment: Designed to Make Listening Enjoyable, Transformational, and Fun

Nadja Lind's Brainwave Entrainment

Nadja Lind, creator of iAwake’s latest release, A Ticket to Glide (In the Flow), talks here with John Dupuy, CEO of iAwake®, about her motivation in creating her latest two soundscapes, “Empowerment” and “Revitalization.” These tracks garnered terrific reviews, some saying they are iAwake’s best, most effective tracks yet. A Ticket to Glide’s two tracks…

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How Meditation Can Help Healthcare Workers Cope

In this warmhearted conversation with Pam and John Dupuy, co-founders of iAwake, Susanne Rose, a relatively new recruit to iAwake’s technology, talks about her practice, and what meditation does for her. With a job in the healthcare system working with the geriatric population, for Susanne, centering, grounding, and being emotionally available are especially important. Here,…

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Finding Grace in Silence: An iAwake Journey

Finding Grace in Silence

Part II in a series about personal transformation and the beauty of silence, written by Louie Santos, iAwake’s beloved longtime Business Development Director, who resides in Manila in the Philippines. I can barely understand what the woman on the Skype line is telling me. Her husband, who a few minutes ago had been strumming his…

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What Happens When We Meditate?

What happens when we meditate?

What are we actually doing when we meditate? That’s a good question to which there are all kinds of answers. I’ll give you a couple to think about. First of all, when we meditate, awareness is becoming aware of awareness. No matter what state or frame of mind you’re in—your mind may be chattering about…

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Cycles of Practice, Developing Intuition, and the Importance of Letting Go | iAwake Practitioner’s Weekly Coaching Call on June 14, 2017

John and Doug talk about iAwake Technologies’ new track developed by Doug Prater himself, Stealing Flow – a tool which can help you become your best self. They also discuss Stealing Fire, the book which was the inspiration for Stealing Flow. John also talks about depression and how to overcome it through finding your path and…

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Is Using Technology Cheating? & Flow States? | Practitioner’s Weekly Coaching Call – March 22, 2017

  John explores flow states, Stealing Fire, answers questions about long-term PMP3 use, is it cheating, etc. Click to Play or Download Audio Themes from this call: Flow States Practice Doug Prater Joins the call Is it cheating? How do you use iAwake tracks at work? ______________________________________________________ Questions/Comments I spent over a decade doing dozens…

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