Thank you for your interest in iAwake Technologies. Periodically we seek to add to our beta testing group. We are interested in people who are beginning meditators, as well as intermediate and advanced... and people new to, or experienced with brainwave entainment, subtle energy technologies, and other spiritual technologies. We like to have a diversity of experience and perspectives: professionals, students, military, religious, etc.

Even though a lot of time and effort has already been put into each potential product during the research, development and alpha phases, not all of our prototypes get to be beta tested. When they do, we have our hearts and minds set to "excellence" mode and we expect to fine tune the final details according to your reports. This is why we ask you to please use the tracks as much as possible, live with them, sleep with them (if appropriate!), test them in the scenarios suggested in the manual, experiment with any other settings you might encounter, maybe keep a journal so it's easier to account for your experiences.

We'd like to encourage you to be bold and to go the extra mile both while testing and when sending feedback. The final version will reflect the insights gained by reading your reports, so please remember that your contribution (short or long) can at any time tip the point and help us reach the outstanding quality we seek before a product goes out into the world. We greatly appreciate your participation and wish you a really exciting testing process!


  1. Has to have purchased at least 2 iAwake products and been using them regularly for at least 4 months. This is not the way to receive free tracks!
  2. Has the time to, every other month or so, incorporate into daily practice the use of the product being beta tested.
  3. Communicates well, organizes time well.
  4. Has a passion for meditation, life optimization, healing & spiritual technologies


  1. Commits to give prompt and detailed reports when asked - we like to see both every other day or so updates emailed in, as well as completion of the final report.
  2. Commits to give honest and direct feedback as well as testimonials when warranted.
  3. Commits to communicate well.
  4. Commits to organize time well to effectively complete the beta testing.
  5. Commits to 6 months of engagement.
  6. Commits to promptly let us know if, for some reason, you cannot beta test a particular product due to life circumstance.

If you believe you would be a good fit to be a beta tester for iAwake, please follow this link and complete the form.

Thank you, once again, for your interest and support!