The Experience of Awakening: A Limitless Expansion of the Self

By iAwake Technologies | October 16, 2020
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Experience of Awakening

A firsthand account of the experience of awakening, totally unexpected, sparked by the iAwake guided meditation Expansion of the Self, from In, Out & Through Vol I.  If you have ever wanted to hear what “waking up” feels like… …you will want to listen to this heart-to-heart interview with iAwake beta tester Scott McGreevy, of…

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What Is Kundalini Energy? Find Out!

By iAwake Technologies | October 5, 2020
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The arousal of the life force and union are some of the ways Judith Pennington describes the fascinating energy of kundalini in this 5-minute video clip. Here, Judith, world expert on brain waves, meditation, and the Awakened Mind, in conversation with iAwake’s CEO, John Dupuy, explains just what kundalini is in elegant, simple terms we…

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Judith Pennington: In, Out & Through [Video]

By iAwake Technologies | August 18, 2020
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Judith Pennington, internationally published journalist, author, singer, founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind, and expert on EEG biofeedback meditation for conscious evolution, has created, together with Leigh Spusta, a new guided meditation program for iAwake called In, Out & Through: The Experiential Wisdom of Anna Wise. Here, Judith is in conversation with John Dupuy,…

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Journeying to the Depths of our Soul

By iAwake Technologies | August 12, 2020
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How do we connect with our soul? How can we be true to our deepest selves? Master hypnotherapist Joseph Kao has created a transformational program called Journey to the Depths of the Soul to help us awaken to who we really are and what we are here to do.

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Finding Grace in Silence: An iAwake Journey

By iAwake Technologies | August 11, 2020
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Finding Grace in Silence

Part II in a series about personal transformation and the beauty of silence, written by Louie Santos, iAwake’s beloved longtime Business Development Director, who resides in Manila in the Philippines. I can barely understand what the woman on the Skype line is telling me. Her husband, who a few minutes ago had been strumming his…

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Finding Refuge in Alpha Brain Waves

By iAwake Technologies | August 10, 2020
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Finding Refuge in Alpha

Nadja Lind, healer, producer, yogini, and one of iAwake’s brilliant longstanding brainwave entrainment developers, has created a new gem called Refuge: A Place of Peace Amid the Storms of Life. Here, Nadja is in conversation with John Dupuy, CEO of iAwake Technologies, and fellow entrainment artist (and iAwake’s CTO) Douglas Prater to talk about Refuge,…

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Meditating in Challenging Times [A COVID-19 Message]

By iAwake Technologies | March 25, 2020
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Hello friends, this is John Dupuy, CEO of iAwake Technologies. We are all experiencing some very challenging times on our planet with the advent of the pandemic, the coronavirus. I’ve seen a lot of reactions to it, but one of the reactions I see coming up most is fear, and a sense of loss. Our…

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Free Meditation Download and Free Resources to Help You During COVID-19

By iAwake Technologies | March 20, 2020
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When I was meditating a couple of days ago, I had a very powerful and beautiful experience using our classic album, Schumann Holophonic, which consists of two half-hour tracks that entrain the brain to the dividing line between alpha and theta. This is also the “Schumann frequency” that is the vibration of the Earth (7.83 Hz).…

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iAwake’s Hu Grace: An Interview with Samuel Törnqvist

By iAwake Technologies | February 1, 2020
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John Dupuy and Douglas Prater talk to Samuel Törnqvist, composer, producer, music teacher, and the initiative genius behind iAwake’s latest: Hu Grace: Contemplative Voices for the Inner Journey. In this interview, discover: Samuel’s background and how he came to be involved in creating transformative sound and using human voice in this way. Group work while…

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What Happens When We Meditate?

By iAwake Technologies | October 1, 2019
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What happens when we meditate?

What are we actually doing when we meditate? That’s a good question to which there are all kinds of answers. I’ll give you a couple to think about. First of all, when we meditate, awareness is becoming aware of awareness. No matter what state or frame of mind you’re in—your mind may be chattering about…

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