Floating in Space with The Universe is Friendly! with Nadja Lind & John Dupuy

Nadja Lind and John Dupuy Floating in Space in a friendly universe

Nadja Lind, electronic music producer and longtime iAwake brainwave entrainment artist reveals the inspiration and intention behind her latest iAwake masterpiece in conversation with iAwake’s CEO, John Dupuy, and both tell stories of how brainwave entrainment meditation saved their lives, facilitating their healing from PTSD, sleeplessness, and depression. In her search for modalities to heal…

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Do Binaural Beats Really Entrain the Brain? Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff Talks with iAwake

Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff, Ph.D. talks with iAwake about the neurophysiology of brainwave entrainment, what binaural beats actually do, the role of protocol, pink noise, healing with sound, and much more in this fascinating, comprehensive, behind-the-scenes-of-sound-technology interview. Dr. Krasnoff wrote her 2021 dissertation on “The Effects of Auditory Binaural Beats on Consciousness and the Human Nervous System” based on…

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A Deep Sleep Meditation That Entrains Your Brain

As we are all learning in this age of astounding progress in the field of neuroscience, the brain is capable of being trained and re-trained in ways we previously thought impossible. Now Joseph Kao, a brilliant hypnotherapist from the U.K., has turned his hand to developing a tool — a guided deep sleep meditation — to help people both relax deeply and also…

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