A Weekly Global Meditation Experience
Powered by iAwake's Innovative Sound Technology

Join the iAwake Team and fellow iAwake practitioners around the world every week to experience the power of group meditation.


  •  A Free iAwake track available for streaming every week
  • Support for establishing a daily practice
  •  How to apply the power of brainwave entrainment technology
  •  Inspirational dharma talks
  • Troubleshooting challenges evoked by practice
  •  Engage with fellow iAwake practitioners around the world.

Wednesdays, 12PM Eastern Time

Click here to find out your local time.

"Just a moment of gratitude for the opportunity to share these tracks with you all in meditation, and to hear your comments. This week's one moved me profoundly and was right on track with what I needed. You also help me to understand your technology, and how better to use it on my own. I am not always able to join you live, so I also appreciate the chance to wrinkle time a little and use the replay. I always feel everyone's presence on time delay.

Thank you for offering this and thanks to all who contribute to its production."  ~ GA, Texas, USA

"I was truly impressed with the May 6th YouTube meditation which in very short order instantiated the pre-birth experience of what I call, for a lack of ability to communicate with language, "floating in pure awareness." This prenatal 'memory', if it can be called that, has always been with me and has sustained me for 80 years of association with this human form.

My long winded point being that the experience of the May 6th YouTube meditation informs me that your technology is useful."  ~ JB