At iAwake Technologies, LLC, we are changing the world by helping people experience profound transformation and renewal every day, through the most sophisticated research-driven brainwave entrainment technologies and consciousness enhancing tools available.

These technologies have an enduring effect that catalyzes tangible, constitutional and formative shifts in the life experience of millions of people worldwide. Our customers are guided toward deeper and deeper levels of happiness, joy, peace, prosperity, and emotional freedom.

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Meet the Team

John Dupuy, MA

Leadership — Utah, USA

Co-Founder and CEO

Pam Parsons Dupuy, MA, LMFT

Leadership — Utah, USA

Co-Founder and CEO

Louie Santos

Leadership — Manila, Philippines

Business Development Director

Heidi Mitchell

LeadershipSupport — Utah, USA

Financial Administrator/Exec Assistant/Editor

Vanessa Santos

Leadership, Support — Singapore and Philippines

Manager, eCommerce Platform/Customer Service/Website/App

Rex Delos Santos

Support — Cebu, Philippines

Customer Support

Douglas Prater

Developer — North Carolina, USA

Creator of Stealing Flow, Infinity

Nadja Lind

Developer — Germany

Creator of Refuge, BE, Theta Joy, Strong Medicine, Purrfound Meditation, Turning In Ambient Meditations, and Workout Ecstasy Volumes I and II

Joseph Kao, DHypPsych

Developer — United Kingdom

Creator of the very popular Profound Releasing, Profound Renewal, Sound Asleep, and most recently, Journey to the Center of the Self

Leigh Spusta

Developer — CA, USA

Creator of Deep Delta, The Teachings of Wan-Tsu, iAwake Mini Meditations Volume I and more.

Javi Otero

Developer, Support — Spain

Developer of The Spark & World Kirtan’s tech

Ellen Eatough, MA

Developer — CA, USA

Creator of Intimate Awakening. “The Soulful Sex Coach”

Jonathan Robinson, MA, MFT

Developer — CA, USA

Developer of Shortcuts to Awakening and most recently, The Near Death Experience: Waking Up to Life

Judith Pennington

Developer — PA, USA

Creator of In, Out & Through. World authority on EEG and the Awakened Mind.

John “JD” Dupuy

Support — Oregon, US

iAwake Representative

James Anderson

Support — Utah, US

Sound Engineer

Eugene Pustoshkin

Partner — Russia

Regional Partner

Eric Thompson

Developer, Past Contributor — IN, USA

Creator of the Profound Meditation Program (and several more), co-founder, and previous CTO