Sabby Jugan

Support — Cebu, Philippines

Executive Production Manager

Isabelita, often recognized as “Sabby,” became an integral member of iAwake Technologies in the year 2021. Concurrently, she is also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology while simultaneously fulfilling her role as a full-time mother.

Within the realm of iAwake Technologies, Sabby assumes the responsibility of overseeing the release of new products from start to finish. Furthermore, she is also iAwake’s beta testing manager for every newly developed product by iAwake’s creative partner developers. Sabby adeptly lends her support to her colleagues, engaging in administrative tasks and primarily focusing on backend operations.

Drawing from her personal experiences as an aspiring meditator, Sabby graciously imparts her personal preferences and enthusiastically recommends a trio of meditation tracks. These selections include BE  for cultivating mindfulness and presence, The Spark, which she reliably turns to during her study sessions, and the serenely tranquil Deeply Theta, a choice that induces within her a sense of profound calmness.