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John Dupuy, Pam Parsons Dupuy and the iAwake Team

The iAwake Advantage

Far more than binaural beats
Full spectrum brainwave and biofield meditation

Innovative Entrainment Technology
iAwake has already positioned itself among a loyal and growing audience as a leader in new, ground-breaking approaches to meditation technology

Exclusive Biofield Entrainment Technology
A major advancement in energy medicine (based on years of research in subtle energy) which allows iAwake programs to interact with the human energy field and induce deep relaxation, meditation and flow states

Seamless Multiple Layers of Sound
Blends guided meditations (when appropriate), cutting edge audio entrainment techniques, psycho-acoustic principles and embedded biofield technology to induce altered states.

Creates Dependable "State-Shifts"
Unlike conventional binaural beat programs, iAwake programs will continue to facilitate altered states even when used daily for years.

Enhances Meditation and Concentration
Also supports profound emotional freedom

Uses Advanced and Original Waveforms

Complete Customization

Quick Turnaround

We have had the good fortune of collaborating with iAwake Technologies and their exceptional brainwave technology for close to a decade.  Aside from being huge fans of their products (which our team uses daily), we recently decided to take our partnership to an even deeper level and license many of our favorite audios for a new product we wanted to create with them.  Needless to say, we are happy we did.  We were able to create an amazing new offering for our community while also navigating the tremendous financial challenges of the global pandemic. We can not recommend iAwake technologies products and their team highly enough.  They are an exceptional organization, and their incredible products have helped our business reach a new level.

Leif Frankling
Creative Director
Sacred Media LLC

Benefits for Partnerships

Meditation & Yoga Teachers/Retreat & Workshop Leaders
  • Powerful Aftercare tool for retreat and workshop participants
  • Increases capacity to sustain a meditation practice
  • Helps people more easily develop a daily meditation practice
  • Increases development of mindfulness & self-awareness
  • Increases experience of deep meditation & flow states
Mental Health Practitioners/Researchers
  • Can decrease depressive & anxious & ADHD symptoms
  • Increases development of mindfulness…self-awareness
  • Increases access to difficult emotional material
  • Increases capacity to accept, work through and integrate difficult material
  • Increases capacity to cope with stress
  • Induces deep relaxation
  • Excellent recovery tool: increases capacity to cope with cravings & triggers
  • More engaged client experience
  • Rich dreams and better recall
  • Excellent EFT support tool
  • More engaged client experience
  • Increases capacity to cope with stress
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases focus & sustained attention
  • Increases development of mindfulness…self-awareness

Video Game & App Creators

  • Provides richer experience of game/app environment
  • More engaged customer experience
  • Amplifies biofeedback efficacy
Businesses/Joint Ventures/Affiliates
  • Generous terms
  • Licensing available
  • Complete Customization
  • Quick turnaround
  • Small company so can move nimbly

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