Dr. Bob Weathers

Developer — California, USA

Dr. Bob Weathers is a highly regarded addiction educator, recovery coach, author, and public speaker.

Over the course of his professional career, “Dr. Bob” has provided tens of thousands of hours of therapeutic counseling and recovery coaching to satisfied clients. He has also committed over four decades to teaching, training, and inspiring graduate-level mental health providers at several southern California universities, including helping to develop their nationally accredited addiction studies certificate and mindfulness-based clinical training coursework. His two most recent books on addiction recovery are currently in press with Cambridge University Press.

Dr. Bob’s current recovery coaching, writing, and in-demand public speaking focus on creatively and effectively applying the principles of Integral Recovery, the leading-edge of holistic, body/mind/spirit approaches to the treatment of addictions. He provides skillful resources aimed at helping clients heal from the shame and stigma of active addiction on the way to sustained and successful recovery. For fun, he loves to perform locally, as an avid, lifelong drummer, in his own highly praised jazz ensemble.

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