Judith Pennington

Developer — PA, USA

Judith Pennington, creator of In, Out & Through Vol. I  and Kundalini (In, Out & Through Vol. II), is an internationally published journalist, author, singer, and world authority on EEG and the Awakened Mind of meditation and life mastery. She is the author of two books on meditation and consciousness and the composer of seven guided meditation CDs. She teaches all over the world and publishes three free e-newsletters through her personal outreach, Eagle Life Communications.

Certified by Anna Wise as a professional Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer in 2006, she assisted Wise with her thrice-yearly seminars at Esalen Institute until her teacher passed away in 2010. The next year, Judith founded the Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM), an international consortium of consciousness trainers using the Mind Mirror EEG for personal and planetary transformation.

Judith is the co-developer of the award-winning Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 EEG device and the Mind Mirror Portal, a global consciousness network with a Meditation Center offering brainwave training masterworks by Wise and her mentor, British Mind Mirror inventor C. Maxwell Cade.

A native of Louisiana, Judith lives in the hilly countryside of eastern Pennsylvania. The mother of two daughters and the grandmother of five, she loves music, writing, nature, meditation, and Mind Mirror research on the brainwaves of extraordinary people. On her CDs and in her workshops, she uses improvisational singing and the soothing sounds of her Celtic lap harp to usher people into deep meditation for creativity, insight, and healing.

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