Rex Delos Santos

Support — Cebu, Philippines

Customer Support

Rex is one of the newest members of the iAwake team. He joined last January 2018 after what he claims “synchronicity” when he and Vanessa crossed paths randomly on a Facebook group.

Before joining iAwake, he was already a meditation practitioner for several years, but he wasn’t able to achieve a major meditation breakthrough only until after two years of trying to achieve it. He described it as life-changing and a liberating experience for the mind and spirit. He has also tried brainwave entrainment technologies before but claims that iAwake’s standard in this field to be superior to the ones he previously encountered.

Rex also loves sharing his spiritual journey as well as healing and learning. He believes in a saying from Frederick Douglass that “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” This made him reshape his goals to become an impact entrepreneur in the years to come to return the favor that God has favored him with.

The iAwake Technologies track that he highly recommends is Profound Meditation Program 3.0 – Full Spectrum. His other favorites are Stealing Flow, Neurohacks, and Audio Oxygen which gives him a daily boost – both mental and physical.