Javi Otero

Javi Otero

Developer, Support — Spain

Javi Otero is the creator of The Spark and the technology for World Kirtan, iAwake’s previous Chief Technology Officer, experiential practitioner supporter, and good friend. His products represent a new experiment in brainwave entrainment called fractal entrainment – complex, innovative, and ever-changing sonic scenes to infuse states of natural resonance.

He is an artist (poet, photographer, musician, composer, recording artist), acoustic stimulation researcher, sound engineer and inventor currently exploring and developing new fractal stimulation protocols. His main research focus is on how to further harvest the transformative power of sound energy and resonance. His regular practice involves cold water, breathing and stretching (Yin•Yang Yoga), subtle energy entrainment, meditation, gratitude, improvisation, photography, video, poetry, sound, and music. His work outside iAwake blends art and research, and he belongs to various projects and groups including an international research team dedicated to health and well-being applications of whole-systems modeling in which he is making geometric processes audible, using sound purely as mathematics in motion.

Javi has trained with top biofeedback practitioners Elizabeth St. John and Laura Lilienthal, and has done extensive dreamwork with Taoist master Kari Hohne. In another life, he studied Political Sciences, Humanities, Photography&Digital Imaging and graduated in Music Technology with triple distinction before co-founding an awarded sound design company in the UK in which he composed for radio (BBC), TV (Channel 5), film (Berlin International Film Festival), advertising (Red Bull, Tommy Hilfiger), new media and theatre arts companies and independent artists. He is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer who prior to all that, had toured various countries with his brother’s band, including Woodstock ´99. He also engineered, produced, arranged, and played guitar, bass, drums, and percussion in several bands and albums over the years.

Javi has been a generous, enthusiastic and wise contributor to iAwake for several years now and is passionate about anything that might help us further experience the wonder of being alive. He lives with his partner, 5 dogs and 7 cats on the North Spanish Coast. You can learn more about Javi’s latest projects here: Theel