Louie Santos

Louie Santos

Leadership — Manila, Philippines

Head of Business Development and Strategy

Louie Santos is the Head of Business Development and Strategy of iAwake Technologies. He previously served as Marketing Manager of Integral Recovery, a comprehensive, holistic approach to the healing of addiction and alcoholism, guided by Ken Wilber’s Integral theory.

Louie has been in the field of business development for 15 years, providing support and leadership to different companies.

Louie’s work with the iAwake, Integral Recovery, Integral Recovery Institute, and Spiritual Technologies 2.0 has changed his perspective on and approach to business development from a revenue-based to a mission-based model. He believes that the meditation practices introduced by iAwake Technologies and recovery model introduced by Integral Recovery can change the world, beginning with the changes in our inner selves and our relationships.

Since working with these teams, Louie has become an avid meditator, learning it through the use of brainwave and biofield entrainment technology.

His current missions and goals are to establish a digital publishing company that will house a catalogue of different products that will contribute to global good and peace, to build a non-profit organization that seeks to build responsibility and accountability among people during times of disaster, to publish a book, to develop an Integral model for business development, and to learn to play the piano.