John Dupuy

John Dupuy, MA

Leadership — Utah, USA

John is a co-founder and the CEO of iAwake Technologies, LLC, and holds a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology. He has been working personally and professionally with brainwave entrainment technology since 2004, and has developed a passion for the power and efficacy of brainwave entrainment technology to support the healing of mental health and addiction recovery issues, deepen spiritual growth, and support an increase in attention and focus in business, academics, and athletics.

Dupuy - Integral Recovery Cover with AwardJohn is also the founder of Integral Recovery® and a leader in addiction treatment and the therapeutic wilderness industry. Since 1984, he has worked with hundreds of students and their families and founded and co-founded three wilderness therapy programs. Integral Recovery was published by SUNY Press in 2013 and was the recipient of the 2013 USA Best Books Award in the Health: Addiction & Recovery category. John is also a lifetime athlete, electric blues guitarist extraordinaire, a gifted singer songwriter and goes on daily journeys with his beloved companion, Lucy, the wonder dog.