How Meditation Can Help Healthcare Workers Cope

In this warmhearted conversation with Pam and John Dupuy, co-founders of iAwake, Susanne Rose, a relatively new recruit to iAwake’s technology, talks about her practice, and what meditation does for her. With a job in the healthcare system working with the geriatric population, for Susanne, centering, grounding, and being emotionally available are especially important. Here,…

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Finding Grace in Silence: An iAwake Journey

Finding Grace in Silence

Part II in a series about personal transformation and the beauty of silence, written by Louie Santos, iAwake’s beloved longtime Business Development Director, who resides in Manila in the Philippines. I can barely understand what the woman on the Skype line is telling me. Her husband, who a few minutes ago had been strumming his…

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The Way of Gratitude – Part 1 of 3

I like to think about meditation as the art of being present. Being present is something that is quite difficult sometimes, mainly because the mind tends to wander and take us on unexpected trips to either the future or the past. It is often busy producing thoughts that might create anxiety in us, or fear,…

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