Access to all of your previous, present and future iAwake purchases...

Introducing iAwake App - 1500x600

Download the free app, enter your email, and just like that, all your purchases are ready to be streamed/played/downloaded for offline use right on your mobile device.

No more downloading files, unzipping, transferring to iTunes then transferring to your iPhone/iPad.

This is an app dedicated to your practice. You can use it in the way that you already use your tracks: for meditation, focus while working, healing, relaxation, and other such uses.

What this app WILL do:

  • Give you easy access to all your purchased tracks
  • Stream
  • Download
  • Create playlists
  • Loop
  • Bluetooth picker (a way to choose which Bluetooth device to listen to)
  • Provide information about the tracks
  • Link to curated blog posts
  • Basic FAQs

What this app will NOT do:

  • You can’t purchase tracks on the app - you need to go to the website.
  • You can’t bring the tracks into another media player on the device - all tracks are located within the app.

App Best Practices:

  • Make sure all the tracks that you've purchased are on the app. If there are some missing, perhaps you used a different email to purchase them, or acquired them in some other way. Contact for help.
  • Download into the app all the ones you know you want to listen to – or all of them if you have plenty of memory. When you are flying or in poor coverage areas, you'll always have your tracks. You can download and “undownload” easily – the download icon and cloud icon on the track tell you what’s downloaded and what is not.
  • When listening, it’s best to listen to downloaded versions when possible, rather than streaming, as the experience will be more reliable.
  • Create playlists for when you want to meditate, relax, work, study, exercise. You can learn more about playlists here.
  • Try looping a track or a program or a playlist. Looping instructions here.
  • For even more app information, check out the iAwake App FAQs.

So please go download the new iAwake App, start listening, and tell us what you think!

The iAwake Team