The Latest From Our Ukrainian Colleague Kateryna Yasko and Update on the iAwake Funnel to Help Ukraine

Dear iAwake community,

Below is a brief conversation I had with my colleague and beloved Ukrainian friend, psychologist Kateryna Yasko, now in Vilnius, Lithuania.

As you can see from the video, Kateryna communicates with heartbreaking love and courage. She is on the front line of giving aid to Ukraine, as well as being an international ambassador to aid and support the cataclysmic struggle against the attempted destruction of Ukraine and its people. 

Your support of the iAwake Ukrainian funnel goes directly to Kateryna to support her work in aiding Ukraine’s people, both the exiles and those who are still in country. Our funnel to help, heal, and support the Ukrainian people is ongoing; thanks to our beloved iAwake community, we have raised and sent Kateryna $6,683 so far. And when you donate to the iAwake funnel, we will give you any iAwake track of your choice (digital download only).

Please know that 100% of your donation (less PayPal fees) will go directly to Kateryna and Vytautas, to be used at their discretion to address the greatest needs as this terrible situation unfolds hour to hour, day to day.

Right now, with their network of volunteers, Kateryna and Vytautas are focused on funding:

  • First aid kits and first aid training for civilians and servicemen 
  • Deliveries of food, medicines, and essential products for homeless people and pets in the suburbs of Kyiv
  • Support groups for displaced Ukrainian women (online for the whole world and offline in Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • Targeted support for people arriving in Lithuania from the hottest zones of Ukraine

Please include “Ukraine” in your PayPal note so we can track your donations. After you’ve donated, send us the receipt at so we can send you your free iAwake track.

For more information and a deeper feel for what is occurring in Ukraine’s struggles, see our Deep Transformation podcast episodes #22 and #23 with myself, Dr. Roger Walsh, Kateryna, her husband Vytautas, and Integral European leader Bence Ganti. 

Also, please watch this documentary on the destruction of the Ukrainian city Mariupol. Warning – it is very powerful and heartbreaking. Thank you for your courage to watch this:

Thank you so much for your consideration, and please give generously. 

Much love,

John and the iAwake team

Descriptions of Photos That Follow

Below are pictures that Kateryna sent to us showing us the work they are doing. First, you will see first aid kits they have put together and crucial medicines such as insulin for Ukrainians with diabetes who are still in their country. You will also see other victims of this cruel war – the animals that have been orphaned that are being fed. God knows how many have been killed, wounded and terrified during the invasion.

You will also see pictures of some of Kateryna and Vytas’ team, Ukrainian instructors who train people in first aid and in the use of the medical kits (that iAwake donors are helping to equip) for those who are going back in country, where death and destruction and the wounding of people is happening moment to moment. The Russians are indiscriminate in their attacks on Ukraine and have attacked civilian infrastructure and population centers as a way to terrorize and bring the Ukrainian people to their knees.

The statue standing in the ruins is of Hryhorii Skovoroda, one of Ukraine’s greatest philosophers, also a beloved poet, teacher, and composer. The beautiful 18th century mansion that housed the National Literary and Memorial Museum of Hryhorii Skovoroda was singled out and destroyed by the Russians because of its psychological and spiritual value to the Ukrainian people.

Finally, you will see a flyer created by Valentina Valulenko, a friend of Kateryna’s mother, detailing the amazing work she and her colleague, a human rights activist, are doing to help civilians in Kyiv, delivering food, medicines, and essentials to cancer patients who cannot leave, as well as delivering groceries to restaurants who cook lunch for territorial defense units and survivors of destroyed cities near Kyiv such as Bucha.

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