iAwake’s Funnel to Help, Heal, and Support the Ukrainian People 

Dear iAwake Friends,

This letter is to inform you about an urgent need and the steps we are taking at iAwake to help all we can. I was at a meeting yesterday with the Emerge network that chess Grandmaster and philosopher Jonathan Rowson has put together to witness the events in Ukraine, and there were a number of Ukrainians speaking to us live in a Zoom conversation. Some of these people were actually in Ukraine and others were in the bordering countries working with the tremendous flow of refugees.

One of the things that stood out from what the Ukrainians on the scene were saying is that sending money directly to the people who are doing the work is much more effective at this stage than sending money to an established NGO or other aid organization, as there is a lot of paperwork and bureaucratic red tape that greatly delays the money from reaching the people who need it the most.

I personally have been sending money to psychologist Kateryna Yasco and her husband, Vytas Bučiūnas, both leaders in the Ukrainian Integral community. I met Kateryna years ago at an Integral conference in Hungary where she asked me if she could use iAwake tracks to help the clients she was working with, who were suffering from PTSD from an earlier Russian invasion. To which I replied, “Of course.”

Upon hearing of the current Russian invasion, Dr. Roger Walsh reached out to them to see if they could join us on our Deep Transformation podcast in order to share with us and the world what’s going on and the consequences of the Russian invasion of their country. Please listen to the podcast, as it was very powerful, and is still very current.

When I began sending my personal funds to Kateryna and Vytas, they let me know what a tremendous help it was and also how they were using the money to help those in need of assistance in these terrible times. Here included, is part of a Zoom conversation I had with Kateryna this week, so that you can see her and get an experience of what a remarkable human being she is.

Let me say, this couple has my absolute trust and confidence that they will use the funds we send them in the best and most compassionate and effective way possible.

So what we are doing at iAwake is: We will give you an iAwake track of your choice (digital download only) that has a value of $100 or less when you give a donation to help Ukraine through the iAwake funnel via Kateryna.

Please know that 100% of your donation (less PayPal fees) will go directly to Kateryna and Vytas, to be used at their discretion to address the greatest needs as this terrible situation unfolds hour to hour, day to day. Right now, with their network of volunteers, Kateryna and Vytas are giving direct support to refugees in the bordering countries, also sending aid, life-saving medicines, and emergency first aid kits into Ukraine via trusted drivers.

Please include "Ukraine" in the notes so we can track your donations. After you've donated, send us the receipt at support@iawaketechnologies.com so we can send you your free iAwake track.

We intend to follow up with regular conversations and updates with Kateryna and Vytas so you will know what is going on, what the need is, and how your generous donations are helping.

God bless you for your support and please give generously.

With great love, respect, and appreciation,

John Dupuy and the iAwake and Deep Transformation teams

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