Wesly Feuquay and the Psylogia Approach to Transformation and Evolution | iAwake Practitioner’s Weekly Coaching Call on May 10, 2017

Wesly Feuquay, the founder of the Psylogia method for resolving and integrating inner conflicts, joins us in this week’s coaching call.

Psylogia involves cutting edge, developmental intelligence perspectives to create radical change in your practice, intakes, and outcomes. It also involves emotional transformation methods to create very efficient permanent change in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Wesly founded a non-profit organization, The Psylogia Institute of Consciousness Evolution, which is dedicated to transformation, purpose, and uncovering people’s unique gifts. The Psylogia Institute of Consciousness Evolution offers trauma healing, teaching people how to use the methods and their practices and also to level up their current practice and make it more effective.

In this call, Wesly conducted a meditation, and Doug felt that it’s an amazing process – a truly integral process. John felt a vast spaciousness, wherein he didn’t feel any tension pressing against his soul – a deep ownership of the awareness. There is an integration by emerging or integration by vanishing. There is a dignity and a freedom that goes with that – you own it.

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