What if you could be a 30% better you? | iAwake Practitioner’s Weekly Coaching Call on May 3, 2017

John and Doug discuss how to be a better you – how you should always be available to what you can learn. You have to show up to whatever you experience and do the best you can do in that moment.

For John, his daily practice helped improve 30% in spirituality, in health, and in mental intelligence.

A person can become a champion as they continue to practice. Discipline and motivation increases – it becomes deeper. When you learn about practice, you can accomplish way beyond what you thought you can do. You have to let your ego out of the way. Learning to let go and get out of the way allows you to get out there and do the work you’re supposed to do.

When you have the right balance of challenge, when there is somebody right there with you, having an equal partner in tennis, or playing a hard championship in basketball, or playing the exact tempo of music, it will push you to just the right amount and gets you to the next level. It’s a magical experience when you are right there where you need to be. The experience becomes the best teacher. When you’re in that place, you’ll recognize that feeling and you’ll grow through it.

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