What IS Spiritual Technology 2.0? | iAwake Practitioner’s Weekly Coaching Call – March 15, 2017


John discussed spiritual technology and how spirituality deals with ultimate questions: “Who am I?” “What am I?” “What am I here to do?” Technology is any tool to assist you in doing something.

How meditation (especially in using iAwake tools) helps in finding your deepest self. Certain meditations focus on the heart center – a beautiful healing place to be. It helps with depression, despair, meaninglessness, disconnection. All kinds of spiritual illnesses can be helped by developing an interior practice that takes you to your own depths of well-being.

It is important that if we want to participate in healing and transformation of the world, we actually should do our own healing and transformation INSIDE.

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Themes from this call:

• How spiritual technologies can help answer our profound questions
• Goals of meditation
• Interior awakening
• “Ecstasists”
• The purpose of iAwake Technologies
• Flow State’s STER: Selflessness – Timelessness – Effortlessness – Richness

Links mentioned:

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Stealing Fire

SuperHuman Operating System

The Ken Wilber Gratitude Fund

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Workout Ecstasy

The Future Is Your Brain on Drugs | Jamie Wheal on Impact Theory

Joe Rogan Experience #873 – Steven Kotler

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