Is Using Technology Cheating? & Flow States? | Practitioner’s Weekly Coaching Call – March 22, 2017


John explores flow states, Stealing Fire, answers questions about long-term PMP3 use, is it cheating, etc.

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Themes from this call:

  • Flow States
  • Practice
  • Doug Prater Joins the call
  • Is it cheating?
  • How do you use iAwake tracks at work?


  • I spent over a decade doing dozens and dozens of psycho-meditative-somatic practices with intense effort. Something in me keeps feeling that this work should be hard still and I shouldn’t just be given deep states without intense effort on my part. I believe that this work must me democratized so that humanity doesn’t destroy itself, but personally I can’t shake this feeling that I should just be able to do it all on my own.
  • i think this was already addressed, but here goes…i have been using pmp again for a couple of weeks with a variety of positive results, particularly in the area of fatigue..i have been on disability for multiple sclerosis for seven years and pervasive fatigue is my most debilitating symptom….so i have been thinking of adding the deep delta track, should i be concerned about the slightly higher delta frequencies in hat track stepping on the results of the pmp?
  • Is anyone finished with the pmp? how long did it take?
  • What happens when you adapt to the 3rd tier tracks?
  • Do you use iAwake tracks to support you when you work? And if so, which ones and how?
  • HUGE thanks for pointing us to Tom Bilyou’s interview with Jamie Wheal.. Time-bending.:)


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