Development Of Mouse With ‘Off Switch’ In Key Brain Cell Population May Aid Research Into SIDS, Depression

By iAwake Technologies | August 4, 2011
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NIH-funded scientists have developed a strain of mice with a built-in off switch that can selectively shut down the animals’ serotonin-producing cells, which make up a brain network controlling breathing, temperature regulation, and mood. The switch controls only the serotonin-producing cells, and does not affect any other cells in the animal’s brains or bodies… Source:

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Meditation and The Brain: A Video Series

By iAwake Technologies | May 18, 2011
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These videos are the first three in a series Eric Thompson is developing on Meditation and the Brain. This first video in the series looks at Dr. Daniel Siegel’s writing on meditation and the brain.  Meditation and the Brain, Part 2: A fun introduction to the scientific study of meditation and the brain that looks at…

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Differences in neurological activity in advanced meditators

By iAwake Technologies | February 22, 2011
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The following post was originally part of a presentation Eric Thompson gave on the Neuroscience of Meditation at the MindHive event at Naropa University in March, 2010. It is based on the research of Newberg and d’Aquili.   Stage 1 Attention Association Area (AAA) in the right hemisphere is activated Eventually spreads to AAA in…

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Welcome To the iAwake Technologies Blog

By iAwake Technologies | February 22, 2011
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Dear Profound Meditation Friends & Community, Welcome! This is an initial blog to which your iAwake Technologies Team intends to add to regularly, to inspire, inform and support the transformational journey that you have begun, by using the Profound Meditation Program on a daily basis. I find it very easy to speak about this, as…

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