What is your super power? iAwake Call 2.22.17

This week John discusses:

Integral Recovery

Cleaning up – waking up – growing up – showing up

What is your Super power: Practice

Many questions & comments

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20:06 – What is your experience of excavating deep fears in epsilon as contrasted by trauma in deep delta?

29:44 – Do you ever meditate in silence?

31:20 – I am just finishing your book, Integral Recovery and that is how I found iAwake. Your book has such a depth and width of information and personal experience. Thank you.

33:32 – I find I have to really surrender and not know, and when the resolution comes it is always something my mind finds surprising. There’s a different seat of wisdom in the heart.

35:50 – The Profound 3.0 booklet states not to be used by someone with photosensitivity. Can you explain why?

37:45 – Do you still use Holosync, too, John?

38:00 – What would be the super power you discovered through your practice?

Links mentioned:

Enneagram – Here are some videos John and Leslie Hershberger did on Enneagram and Recovery

The Wisdom of the Enneagram

Enneagram Teacher/Coach Leslie Hershberger

Gene Keys

Profound Meditation 3.0

Deep Delta



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