As a hypnotherapist, I rely on research. Leigh‘s brainwave music is specially crafted to produce results, and I use his music with my clients and for myself on a regular basis. In particular, “Deep Delta” is one of the best tracks I’ve ever used.  ~ Lisa Machenberg, C.Ht. (Malibu, CA)

Deep Delta

Ride the sounds deep into that inner place where everything is at peace.

A beautiful brainwave entrainment meditation to nurture your spirit and your brain. Gentle musical soundscape designed to invoke delta brain waves. One of our most beloved tracks.

“This track is amazing. It’s taking me very deep into my meditative state. ”  ~ Lise Beaulieu

Listen to the 5-Minute Sample Now

Use of headphones will is required for an optimal experience.
To fully experience the potential of this program, please get comfortable, close your eyes, and relax for the next 5 minutes.
Allow the music soundtrack to immerse you in a deep sense of relaxation and peace.

Don’t be fooled – this is not just beautiful music – it is the design and technology infused in the soundtrack that evokes the deep relaxation response.

How are delta waves useful?

This deeply immersive track has been developed by internationally recognized brainwave audio engineer and hypnotherapist Leigh Spusta, to assist in promoting delta waves in the brain. By increasing this brainwave activity, the listener moves into the ideal place to experience this deeply relaxing state and a myriad of positive benefits…

  • Deep Relaxation occurs on both a physical and a psychological level, creating an extraordinary depth of comfort and peace.
  • Quickly and easily enter an altered state of consciousness, whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.
  • Expand your mind as the nature and quality of your experience broadens, deepens, and intensifies.
  • Whole body/mind every part of your being experiences the harmonious shift – from your cells to your thoughts, to your feelings.
  • Supports your experience creates and holds the space for your journey to unfold, never distracting or demanding attention.
  • Deep physical support releases anti-aging hormones, boosts your immune system, supports advanced healing and release of toxic stress.

Deep Delta
Most effective with headphones
Most effective with headphones
Use of sound to influence brainwave activity. Forms of brainwave entrainment might include: binaural • isochronic • monaural •  psychacoustic • panning, etc.
Use of sound to influence brainwave activity. Forms of brainwave entrainment might include: binaural • isochronic • monaural • psychacoustic • panning, etc.
Deep meditation (0.5 to 2 Hz). Associated with formless awareness • sleep • non-dual consciousness • physical healing • deep spiritual connection
Deep meditation (0.5 to 2 Hz). Associated with formless awareness • sleep • non-dual consciousness • physical healing • deep spiritual connection

Additional Info


Full package includes:

  • 1 track (40 minutes)
  • Track is accessible on the free iAwake Technologies app for iOS and Android
  • Downloadable audio files available in MP3 and WAV formats
  • User Guide (downloadable PDF)
  • Ongoing support (responsive email, active Facebook forum, FAQs, videos, audios)

The story of the development of Deep Delta  from the creator, Leigh Spusta

When I sit down to do the work, when I have done the math and gotten some of that out of the way, then it becomes very intuitive and I get into a creative space, go into a meditative type of trance and explore the sounds. At a given moment it starts to click. I have a good palette of sounds I was working with and essentially… just channeled it through.

Part of my composing approach is what I’ve been calling “natural entrainment,” which means you compose the music by getting some of the math out of the way in the beginning, you know what the frequency values are of the notes of the music, and when you reduce it, you can get down to those monaural beats, naturally occurring beats, and some binaural in the music when you approach it that way.

There are so many little ebbs and flows within it…finding that right balance between. It’s very soothing, it’s relaxing, it can also become the background…like the sound of rain, you tune it out after a while, but it’s not so dull you turn it off – so striking that balance of keeping the mind interested but allowing the experience to flow. The experience should be the focal point, not the music.

(Excerpt from John Dupuy’s interview with Leigh Spusta on January 28, 2015)

How to Use

Download the iAwake App

First, download the FREE iAwake App, login with your email, and all your tracks will be right there. You can stream them, but we’d advise downloading them (from within the app) to ensure an interruption-free experience, and to be able to listen offline.


Play Deep Delta  when you meditate, destress, or want to experience deep relaxation. Headphones are recommended for optimal effect, but not required. Because of the natural monaural and binaural rhythms, entrainment is still effective even when not using headphones.

If you are a Profound Meditation Program 3.0 practitioner, and have added Deep Delta to your transformational library, you can alternate using it with the Primary Meditation tracks. For instance, you might begin your meditation with 40 minutes of Deep Delta, then play Track 3 of whichever tier you are working with.


Target Brainwaves

Delta 4 Hz and Delta 2 Hz
Straight delta (no ramping from beta, etc.) – no need due to methods used.

Entrainment Method

Leigh employs what he calls “natural entrainment,” using his knowledge and artistry to create entrainment effects through the musical soundtrack itself, rather than adding a layer of binaural, monaural, or isochronic beats to power the entrainment. This creates a more organic, natural experience of entrainment for the listener.

Psycho-acoustic and Hypnotic Composition: A selection of musical tensions, timbre, harmonic spectrum, and tones promotes the relaxation response and the delta state.

Soothing low-frequency drone and generous use of the perfect fifth promotes feeling at rest, at home, deeply peaceful.

Frequency values of the musical notes are combined specifically to deliver heterodyne (monaural) and binaural beats in the delta range of brainwaves.


Leigh Spusta

Leigh Spusta, creator of Alpha Arising, Forgetting Not to Remember, Gamma 40, Deep Delta, Deeply Theta, iAwake Mini Meditations, Solar Infusion, and the sound/entrainment tracks for The Gift of Gratitude – Recovery Edition, The Gift of Gratitude, Morning Ritual, Call of the Heart; In, Out & Through Vol. I; Kundalini (In, Out & Through Vol. II); and Deep Recovery, is a composer, hypnotherapist, and Certified Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator, specializing in the use of sound frequencies to produce deep, relaxing trance states.

His work has become internationally recognized and is enjoyed by thousands around the world. Leigh has worked with several therapists in Los Angeles, producing a variety of therapeutic audio CDs, and has been hired as a consultant and producer working with companies in the United Kingdom. He also works with the HMI College of Hypnotherapy and the American Hypnosis Association as Director of Media Production.

Leigh combines his talents as a musician and his knowledge of hypnosis and related states, in an effort to pioneer new approaches to creating rich, resonant soundscapes for greater efficacy in healing and meditative products. Leigh is the developer of the proprietary PsimatiX™ therapeutic approaches and technologies.

I have had great success with Leigh’s music with my hypnosis clients, helping them to get into deep states easily. I have tested his material with my brainwave eeg analysis equipment, it works quickly and effectively, every therapist should use these tools.  ~ Dr David Newman, C.Ht. (Jefferson City, MO)

My experience of Deep Delta is one of immediate relaxation and a super soothing sense of coming home, of entering a refuge, of being held like a bird in a nest. If I have been holding a lot of tension, I am quickly aware of it sloughing off. I feel like I can ride the sounds deep into that inner place where everything is at peace. With Deep Delta, even my thoughts, normally such insistent little buggers, whether in meditation or not, tend to just give it up, surrender, stop bugging me, and take a rest. The sounds are reminiscent of gazing out on a very quiet sea at twilight, with small waves breaking.  ~ Heidi Mitchell