Stormy Monday | iAwake Practitioner’s Weekly Live Coaching Call on March 1, 2017

This week John discusses:

• John starts off with an electric blues version of Stormy Monday, per request from the group the week before.
• Practice: work your body, emotions/mind… shadow, spiritual
• Integral Recovery (& upcoming podcast)

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• “One question I have is what are practitioner’s experiences who have adapted to the 3rd tier on PMP 3.0? When I resumed the program I had many experiences just going back to the second tier. Can’t imagine the 3rd, or the 3rd tiers for GHG and epsilon.”

• “I’m also super excited by the source aligned stuff and the idea of video entrainment synced with sound entrainment as vision and hearing are human’s two dominant senses.”

• “I’m using PMP version 2, and am using tier 3 on this. Is it a lot different than the newest version of PMP? PMP has not rocked me that much, just calm and deep.”

• “I had an experience the other day of “flipping out” of my ego shell and directly experiencing pure, calm awareness.”

Philosophers Notes

Integral Recovery book

Integral Recovery Podcast

Ken Wilber’s Book on Trump

Source Aligned – Minghao Xu (Visual Entrainment)

Spiritual Technologies 2.0

Profound Meditation 3.0

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