The Experience of Awakening: A Limitless Expansion of the Self

A firsthand account of the experience of awakening, totally unexpected, sparked by the iAwake guided meditation Expansion of the Self, from In, Out & Through Vol I

If you have ever wanted to hear what “waking up” feels like…

…you will want to listen to this heart-to-heart interview with iAwake beta tester Scott McGreevy, of Belfast, Ireland. Here, Scott shares how listening to Anna Wise’s Expansion of the Self meditation kicked off a 10-day process of awakening that completely changed his life.

In this interview, Scott describes how:

  • Consciousness came through the body like a tornado.
  • The intensity increased over the next few days rather than settling down.
  • Days of pain — everything hurt, mind and body, internally and externally.
  • The ego mind fighting tooth and nail to hold on. 
  • Scott went out to the mountains and let the energy do what it needed to do.
  • There followed a sense of squeaky-clean purity—a sense of being connected to True Self, consciousness itself, totally harmonized.
  • Since then, the connected feeling is ever present. No sense of personal identity.
  • We are the universe, the stars, the planets, the space in between. We are the expansiveness of life itself.
  • Pam asks, how are you grounding now? Has this shifted relationships?

Adjusting to a new way of living

Scott shares how he is adjusting to this new way of existing, still experiencing spontaneous waves of bliss. He says, “Practice, get it done. Let’s wake up.” And tells listeners who might undergo similar experiences they will be supported by the iAwake team and the Profound Meditation Program practitioners Facebook group, as he was. 

Pam and John Dupuy, co-founders of iAwake, lead the interview, and Pam shares an experience of awakening of her own, when she was a 19-year-old agnostic, with no references for her experience or support. This prompted a life mission to help people experience these awakenings in a supported way, so they don’t feel crazy and alone.

The experience of awakening — listen, practice, open, surrender. Thank you, Scott, for sharing your story. 


Experience of Awakening - Scott McGreevy

“Little did I ever think that I would awaken to the purity of our true human nature. After 14 years of meditation and every healing modality and book I could find to restore myself, it was iAwake’s technology and team support combined with my dedication to practice that made it happen. It will happen to you too, but only when you’re ready. Awaken dear friend, awaken to that which you are. It’s the greatest gift you can give to your life.” Scott McGreevy (Karma Lobsang Dorje)


John Dupuy & Pam Dupuy, co-founders iAwake Technologies

John and Pam Dupuy, co-founders of iAwake Technologies, are now celebrating iAwake’s 10th anniversary. John, CEO of iAwake, travels internationally to teach and inspire on the subjects of Integral Recovery, Integral Transformative Practice, and the use of brainwave entrainment technology to deepen one’s meditation practice and in the treatment of addiction, depression, and PTSD. Pam is iAwake’s amazing, talented, perceptive, and persevering COO.


Heidi Mitchell, editor

This blog was created by Heidi Mitchell, John Dupuy’s longtime assistant and iAwake’s blog manager. John introduced Heidi to Integral practice and brainwave entrainment enhanced meditation in 2007. Heidi is also a freelance editor of nonfiction books, blogs, and websites. She can be reached at

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