Shawn Phillips and John Dupuy – Mindful Strength Training Video

Train your body, entrain your brain

Get your evolution going in the fast lane.

John Dupuy and Shawn Phillips begin a discussion on mindful strength training and its role in an integral, whole life.

Shawn Phillips and John Dupuy - Mindful Strength Training Video

This video is an excerpt from a dialog in the Spring of 2012, Shawn and John sharing their discovery of the power of strength training in their lives and for those they work with, and as a core component of an Integral Life Practice.

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A collaboration of Shawn Phillips and iAwake Technologies


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    […] now, we have been developing a program called NeuroStrength. This has been in collaboration with Shawn Phillips, who has written a bunch of books, is a great teacher, an inspirer of physical exercise, and […]

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