Q and A w/ Eric: Part 2 – Am I Cheating When I Use Technology to Assist My Spiritual Growth

This is the second video of a new series in which Eric Thompson, Chief Technical Officer and Creator of the iAwake Technology, answers questions he receives from iAwake practitioners.

Here Eric is exploring inner meditation technologies versus outer meditation technologies, such as the Profound Meditation Program.


What do you think about Eric’s response? Do you have any further questions or comments? Let us know.

Am I Cheating When I Use Technology to Assist My Spiritual Growth


Eric Thompson of iAwake TechnologiesEric Thompson is a co-founder of iAwake Technologies, LLC and was its Chief Technology Officer. Although no longer with iAwake Technologies, his contributions have been immense. Eric is also an inventor, researcher, and producer, and is considered one of the world’s foremost brainwave entrainment experts. In addition, Eric is a pioneer in the development of biofield entrainment technology, which digitally captures and transmits life-enhancing and beneficial subtle energies to the human biofield via any digital medium, including pictures, audio, and film. By combining this emerging technology with an unconventional, innovative, and original approach to audio brainwave entrainment, Eric strives to make profound spiritual development and emotional freedom more easily accessible to all. He writes and speaks on the intersection between neuroscience, psychology, subtle energy, and spirituality. 


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