A Poem by John Dupuy: Before the Stillness

Before the StillnessBefore the stillness
the storm.
Before peace
the war.
Before rebirth
the destruction and the fire.
Before forgiveness
the pain of the violated.
Before God
the despair of the soul
that is lost and has forgotten.

Before dawn
the darkness.
Before awakening
the dreams.

The dreamer awakes to the source,
is the source, the maker of all worlds.

It is, I am, we are.

The One.

Before the Stillness came to me while I was meditating using the Profound Meditation Program a few mornings ago.


John DupuyJohn Dupuy is the CEO of iAwake Technologies and the founder of Integral Recovery, a holistic addiction treatment approach inspired by Ken Wilber’s Integral Model. John’s book, Integral Recovery, has just been published by SUNY Press. As a pioneer in the use of brainwave entrainment in therapy and personal development, John has dedicated his life to helping others deepen their spiritual practice and transform their lives.


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