The Illusion of Obstacles

Illusion of ObstaclesCoherence is a peak state, characterized by the harmonious functioning of our mental, emotional, and physical systems. When measured, it tends to show balanced biomarkers, especially those related to heart rhythms, as suggested by the fascinating work being done at HeartMath Institute. When experienced, coherence often feels like an effortless-and-filled-with-joy-can-do attitude, during which we might feel inspired, open, exploratory, curious, welcoming. I also tend to feel extremely fresh and attuned, full of trust, and ready for surprises. I’d say it’s one of the most powerful natural dissolvents of the illusion of obstacles there is.

Experience is more or less what’s left after having put life to the test. It becomes a collection of hidden treasures found during the endless discovery of what being alive might mean. Life is quite an emotional journey, and the experience of being alive is what brings us true knowledge, or wisdom. Gaining experience requires that we must go out and remain open to what we encounter—not defend against the unfolding of events—and take the risk of getting lost in unknown territory. Paradoxically, no matter how experienced we might be at this or that, the moment we feel we know the terrain, the moment we put our shield up, we close ourselves off to the harvesting of experience.

Coherence dissolves obstaclesAs we go about our life-trip, we find countless landscapes and “objects,” some internal, some external, some serene and well lit, some chaotic or painful, even dark. Whatever their perceived flavor, they only really become experience when we make sense of them. This might happen through a mixture of surrender and innocence, states in which we realize there was never anything to protect, because light enters even through the wounds; it is we ourselves who are found by all we bear. As if the scenery has been arranged for us to open up, when we dare to expose ourselves to the cycles of change, our acceptance reveals the rise and fall of the ten thousand things, and how each and every one of them are necessary for our growth.

Unattached to any possible outcome, the master said, “Those who know no limit meet with no obstruction.” The path can be tough, and although exerting the courage to trust doesn’t always erase difficulty from the equation, it has the power to shift our perception. This shift is like a sublime, rustling-the-old-leaves breeze, loudly whispering that the light has come so we can again see with new eyes. Some million degrees later, all former “obstacles” melt down, as we reach a state of con-fusion (all things merged) in which there is new room for the new, just as the dream finally comes true: we find ourselves suddenly immersed in this more liquid landscape, able to let go of control, trusting ourselves out into the river of life, letting its currents lead.

Coherence and the Illusion of Obstacles

When we direct, we play the host. We tend to embody struggle and opposition, every time our plans and expectations are not met. As if we were heading towards a roadblock, engaging the obstacle gives it the power to keep our way on hold. But what we typically experience as obstruction can become the very springboard from which to outgrow our limiting views—the help we need to take off and considering a greater unfolding. High up, we blossom, tasting this natural state of coherence and trust, in which all is perfect as it is. Life is the expert; we are just being beautifully guided. We don’t contend, nothing blocks our way—we are now the guest.

Our level of coherence seems to be dependent on many factors often unknown to us, but it certainly impacts our makeup, those around us, even the places we inhabit—and so the world itself. It is starting to be widely accepted that not only can we modify our body-mind states, we just should! So, please accept this as a reminder of the huge power we all have if we commit to a daily practice of coherence training. States might come and go… but by becoming the guest, you can shift your life.

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Javi Otero of iAwake TechnologiesJavi Otero is an Alpha Tester and Experiential Customer Support at iAwake Technologies. His work as an artist and acoustic stimulation researcher is currently shaped by his interest in the practical applications of biofield entrainment and energy medicine. He likes to explore and practice creativity in its widest possible sense and is passionate about anything that might help us further experience the wonder of being alive.

Photography by Javi Otero


Adapted from iAwake Technologies’ free, weekly teleconference call on July 23, 2014.

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  1. Nigel Lewis on October 2, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    I use Inner Balance every morning whilst going through breathing techniques on 5 different bio-feedback apps. whilst maybe appearing OCD I maintain it provides me with excellent information as to the state of my mind, body and spirit. I have used emwave on and of over years but find the inner balance app more convenient.

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