Have you recently bought the Profound Meditation Program 3.0 and want some guidance on how to get started and use it effectively? Here is a slideshow that goes over the basics:

(NOTE: To see it full screen click the 4 arrows pointing outward on the lower right.)

To get started: Begin meditating with Track 1 (PM-1-1) of the Primary Meditation Tracks, Tier 1/CD1. See how you feel. For most people, this will be the place to start.

Listen to Track 1 for several days. If your body-mind system seems to be adapting well, you can go on to Track 2 (PM-1-2). Please refer to the User Manual for extensive listening schedule suggestions.

NOTE: If you find yourself having a difficult time listening to Primary Meditation Track 1, start with Releasing Meditation, Track 1 (RT-1).

Go to the FAQ section for more information.

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