Energy Alchemy: Digital Energy Medicine Meets Bio-Energetic Entrainment

Energy Alchemy: Digital Energy Medicine Meets Bio-Energetic EntrainmentiAwake Technologies’ new Energy Alchemy Series consists of three different tracks: Anahata, Meditative Ocean, and WorldSpirit Remixed. What each of these have in common is that they all include both the “Energy of the Golden Mean”, and the “white energy band, also known as “white light.”  I explained briefly about these energy bands in my recent blog “Introducing iAwake’s Energy Alchemy Series: Biofield Tech Takes Center Stage.” Today, I’d like to share about the specific qualities that make each of the tracks in this series unique.

Anahata – the Heart Center

In Yoga philosophy, Anahata refers to the heart center. It is also associated with one of the fivesheaths recognized in yoga and Advaita Vedanta—specifically the mental sheath. This is a very subtle layer of our consciousness, where a lot of our attachments and aversions lie; it’s the place where we tend to hold things. This is also the place where one of three granthis or “knots of attachment” resides. We hear a lot about the idea of opening the heart and I talk a lot about the importance of releasing and letting go, and surrendering to what is. Before that can happen, however, we have to be able to open up the heart and allow this knot to dissolve by opening up to this place where we are always holding things.

AnahataThe biofield formulation in Anahata is specially designed to assist us in opening the heart and feeling not only all of our conscious feelings—our conscious attachments and aversions—but also in becoming aware of a lot of our unconscious attachments and aversions. The egostate has been called a “self-contraction;” it’s like having your fists clenched all the time. It’s a holding on. Anahata helps us to dive down into the heart and start letting go of those things that we habitually hold on to.

With Anahata, people are reporting that they find it much easier to feel the sensations of wanting things like security, approval, and safety, and also the feelings of wanting to get away from certain things, which they had not been aware of previously. A lot of times, when I ask somebody to bring to mind a particular situation in their lives that troubles them, some type of pattern, or something they have been struggling with, generally they will have a feeling somewhere in their body—in the heart, solar plexus, or down around the navel. I find that having access to the heart allows us to have access to these other nether regions as well. So, the inspiration for Anahata was to open our hearts and allow us to dive down deep to where we hold onto things.

There are two songs on Anahata: The first one is 45 minutes in length and comes from two artists who created a piece especially for Nada Yoga. Nada Yoga is a type of yoga that connects with a very subtle, inaudible sound. It is connected to the Anahata chakra because the Anahata itself refers to a very subtle, primordial sound that’s always vibrating but incredibly subtle. The word Anahata means “unstruck sound.” In other words, it has no physical cause, so it’s “unstruck.” I feel that the music is a perfect blend with the biofield formulation, to allow people to connect at a deeper level.

Meditative Ocean

In Meditative Ocean, the biofield formulation is designed specifically to aid meditation. Ocean sounds are very easy for a lot of people to meditate to, generally relaxing in and of themselves. The white noise contained in the sound also acts as a nice carrier for the biofield technology.

Meditative OceanThe biofield formulation in Meditative Ocean contains the concentrated energy bands of the upper chakras—the throat chakra, the brow chakra, the crown chakra, and the higher energy center that’s about a foot above the crown of the head. A lot of meditative traditions have various techniques that focus on ways of being that are facilitated by these higher chakras. This is not to say that we shouldn’t also pay attention to the lower chakras—we should. But in Meditative Ocean, the idea was to instill serenity and calmness.

I like to use the example of Vipasyana meditation, where before you even get toVipasyana, at least in the Tibetan Buddhist and Shambhala traditions, you practice a basic meditation where all you do is build equanimity. It is calledshamatha—where you can simply be with whatever is arising and your attention does not stray. Once you have built this stability, which in itself is something that is generally associated with the higher chakras, then you introduce some type of introspective question that can really only be answered by virtue of actually being the answer yourself, becoming that which is understood, rather than any sort of intellectual answer. When the brow chakra and the crown chakra are open and functioning well, they are fully balanced, and they are part of what facilitates our capacity to be able to do this.

Meditative Ocean has these balanced energies as well as the Anahata heart chakra energy. We have also put in the actual brainwave frequencies of alpha, theta, and delta. And one other thing in Meditative Ocean is a concentrated and amplified form of a unique combination of geometrical figures, discovered and developed by Dr. Karim, which naturally creates a balance between the right and left hemispheres. It is a very stabilizing influence.

We have also added some energetic frequencies of herbs traditionally used to augment meditation in various indigenous traditions:

  • Holy Basil, which scientific studies have shown is deeply de-stressing and lowers cortisol levels.
  • Reishi mushroom, which has been shown to increase alpha brain waves and also to be very anti-stress and anti-fatigue.
  • Lotus Plumule, an anti-inflammatory, which is very soothing to the nervous system, allowing us to release emotional stress, and very useful in releasing stagnant chi.
  • Last but not least, Kava Kava, which has been used in the South Pacific Islands for a long time to instill a deep sense of calmness, clarity, and euphoria. It is used to relieve anxiety as well.

All of these together are designed to instill a very deeply meditative state. I use it almost every day in my meditations and I love it.

WorldSpirit Remixed

WorldSpirit RemixedFirst of all, the music on WorldSpirit Remixed is from a live recording, so it does exhibit some of the deficits of a live recording. It is not a perfect recording, but is, in many ways, a monumental and historic recording of an equally monumental and historic performance that was given by ambient trance musician Kenji Williams and visionary artist Alex Grey. They put on a very beautiful, elaborate audiovisual presentation, with large screens projecting Alex Grey’s paintings, ethereal visual art with dance performances, an incredible light show, and this amazing music that fit the presentation well. The show was well received.

Because the music on WorldSpirit Remixed is ambient trance music, it’s not necessarily going to appeal to everyone. Even within the ambient trance scene, Kenji Williams’ music is a little bit different. Of course with biofield technology, if you don’t like all of the music, you can simply turn the volume down and still feed your consciousness and your biofield with the really uplifting biofield formulation we used for this track. One of our customers, who has been using this track extensively, said it’s the only biofield formulation that will almost always get him out of his depressive funk. This makes sense when you find out some of the things that are in it.

Again, it has the white light, the Golden Mean energy, and the Anahata heart chakra energies in it. We also put in the energetic frequencies of Upper Klamath Lake blue-green algae, which contains phenylethylamine, also known as the “love molecule,” and is associated with the runner’s high. It has been shown to improve depression and ADHD in part because it naturally releases dopamine. This release also has in it the frequencies of endorphins and of the lower chakras—the solar plexus, navel, and root chakras—so this has got some body energy to it.

WorldSpirit Remixed also has herbal energetic frequencies of:

  • Rhodiola Rosea, known as “Tibetan ginseng,” which is an adaptogen,  naturally anti-depressant and anti-fatigue. It improves mental performance and attention.
  • Mucuna Pruriens, also known as “velvet bean,” the precursor to dopamine, a natural anti-depressant.
  • And the energetic frequency of Mitragyna Speciosa, which is associated with a deep sense of calm and serenity, almost a dream-like state, and a deep sense of euphoria.

The idea in combining all of these was to create a naturally uplifting state. Of course, the more you play the biofield part, the more you’re going to benefit from this; the more you’ll start to feel it.

Any of the Alchemy Energy Series tracks can be used along with the Profound Meditation Program. Just use PMP as you normally do and open up these tracks on multiple media players on your computer silently. They’ll add to the biofield. Or you can meditate to them without PMP. You can just turn the sound all the way down and let the biofield nourish your own biofield as you meditate, or you can meditate with the sound as well. It can help you go deeper and deeper.

To learn more about the Energy Alchemy Series, click here.


Eric Thompson of iAwake TechnologiesEric Thompson is a co-founder of iAwake Technologies, LLC and was its Chief Technology Officer. Although no longer with iAwake Technologies, his contributions have been immense. Eric is also an inventor, researcher, and producer, and is considered one of the world’s foremost brainwave entrainment experts. In addition, Eric is a pioneer in the development of biofield entrainment technology, which digitally captures and transmits life-enhancing and beneficial subtle energies to the human biofield via any digital medium, including pictures, audio, and film. By combining this emerging technology with an unconventional, innovative, and original approach to audio brainwave entrainment, Eric strives to make profound spiritual development and emotional freedom more easily accessible to all. He writes and speaks on the intersection between neuroscience, psychology, subtle energy, and spirituality.


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