What Is Biofield Technology?

Biofield technology is based on the idea that every object or physical substance―everything in the universe―emits energy. When two energy fields enter into resonance with one another, this is called the universal language of resonance. What happens is an interchange―as two fields interface, they exchange energy and information.

Some of you may be aware of the research in the field of subtle energy; you may practice various different types of healing traditions, meditative traditions, and deal with subtle energy. The subtle energetic tradition that I have drawn from in order to develop biofield technology is referred to as radiesthesia. Radiesthesia is a science, even though conventional science doesn’t recognize it as such. It was originally formed by a circle of French scientists back in the early 19th century, who came to realize that everything radiates an energy; hence the name radiesthesia.

In radiesthesia, the main scientific instrument that is used to detect and measure different radiations of energy is actually the human energy field itself, the human body. If you have studied various wisdom traditions, you will be familiar with the idea that you have multiple bodies; in the Hindu tradition, for example, you have the physical body, and also the prana body or subtle body, which is our energy body. Christianity’s simple divisions are body, soul, and spirit, and where soul and body intersect, you find the energy body. Some call it the chi body or vitality body, and it is comprised of the life force that feeds the physical body.

Through vibrational research, radiesthesists found that there was a subtle energy spectrum they could divide into 12 distinct and unique energy bands. To study the universal language of resonance, they created pendulums calibrated to these specific energy bands. They would project the vitality body through their arm into the pendulum they were holding and then into the object that they were entering into resonance with. If the particular energy band they were testing an object for happened to be present within the object, then the pendulum would actually begin to spin, because the vitality body had entered into resonance with the object that was being tested. What they began to understand is congruent with what Einstein taught―that basically all matter is energy.

What Is Biofield TechnologyKeep in mind, however, that the pendulum dowsing practiced by the French radiesthesists differed from the form of “mental” dowsing that is currently more popular in the West. In fact, the early French radiesthesists frowned upon this younger, mental form of dowsing, as it engaged the mental body in its practice and therefore produced variable results due to the unconscious attachments and aversions associated with mental body. The vibrational dowsing performed by the French radiesthesists, on the other hand, produced empirically verifiable and repeatable results, because the researcher engaged the chi body (also known as the vitality body) instead of the mental body. Whereas mental dowsing programs a pendulum to respond with a “yes” or “no” response to mental questions, vibrational dowsing uses no such questions or mental programming whatsoever.

Radiesthesists empirically discovered that we’re all immersed in a sea of energy, and that this energy spectrum ranges from below what our senses can pick up to far above what we can consciously perceive. Above the electromagnetic energy spectrum, which ranges from infrared all the way up to microwaves, gamma waves, and cosmic waves, radiesthesists discovered that there is also a subtle energy spectrum. Essentially, we use the energetic body to pick up subtle vibrations all the time―this is using the universal language of resonance―and, because we’re not separate from our environment, we’re either consciously or unconsciously entering into resonance with the various energies in our environments all the time.

The French school of radiesthesists also discovered that these various bands of energy in the subtle energy spectrum could be produced using esoteric concepts of sacred geometry. They called this the science of shape-caused waves: when specific shapes are placed in precise geometric patterns, they interact with the primordial energy in the universe to produce particular bands of subtle energy.

When sacred geometrical patterns are put together in a certain way, within the primordial energy in the universe, they interact with a vacuum which is not really a vacuum, the zero-point field, so to speak. Eddies, streams, or field effects of subtle energy form around the sacred geometrical patterns in such a way that the patterns themselves become a receptacle for the divine. Anything within the space of that receptacle resonates with the divine more deeply, more resonantly.

In the mid to late 60s, an up-and-coming Egyptian architect by the name of Dr. Ibrahim Karim began to develop his own science, which he called BioGeometry®. This is the science of how geometrical forms create specific subtle energetic patterns, which in turn affect the human biological system and virtually all living systems. Building on the foundation of the French radiesthesists, Karim found that there was one particular subtle energy quality associated with the Golden Mean. It was made up of three very specific and unique energy bands, two of which his research uncovered, one of which was already known to the early radiesthesists.

Dr. Karim’s subsequent research showed that these three specific bands occur in some of the most profound spiritual settings. Those of you who are familiar with the Christian tradition, for example, might think of this as a kind of grace. Those who are familiar with the Vedic traditions might think of this as sattva. Something with a sattvic quality is something that is harmonizing, balancing, full of grace, and actually creates centered balance and grace wherever it is consciously received. Dr. Karim was asked by many scientists in Egypt to do authentic, scientific experiments involving this energy associated with the Golden Mean. He participated in numerous studies led by leading Egyptian scientists, always with outstanding results, where he would use his own methods to produce this energy associated with the Golden Mean.

What is Biofield TechnologyWhat I have learned to do is to use digital software to capture, amplify and reproduce these various subtle energy qualities. I am not affiliated with Dr. Karim or his organization, and I have developed this technology independently.  I take the subtle energetic bands and couple them with an electrical circuit connected to m y recording equipment that allows me to digitally capture these subtle energetic fields. Then I have a special process to amplify these fields many times, and I blend it with music and video. When you play the music or video on your PC, smartphone, or MP3 player, the biofield technology will actually order the electromagnetic field of the playing device so that it cancels all the negative effects that are usually associated with electromagnetic fields. It cancels those effects and converts the electromagnetic field into a very powerful carrier for the biofield technology. The larger the electromagnetic device on which you play any of the iAwake Technologies tracks, the greater the biofield transmission will be.

Adapted from Eric Thompson’s Webinar, “Introduction to Biofield Technology”, December 4, 2012.

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  1. Jerry on May 11, 2014 at 10:33 am

    Much as I am enjoying and finding useful your pmp 3.0 cds I must say I find the way the biofield science is presented very unbelievable. How can you take the energy of different substances and put them into sound. There is no hard science that I can find that says different substances have different sound frequencies. And the frequency of light is not perceivable by the ear . It is light ,not sound and so perceivable by the eye.”I take the subtle energetic bands and couple them with an electrical circuit connected to m y recording equipment that allows me to digitally capture these subtle energetic fields.” What on earth does this mean. I’m sorry I am sure you mean well but it is so vague and “unscientific” that I’m not sure that it adds to the credibility of what is otherwise a very effective product. Maybe you can explain it in a way that makes more sense to me. I do hope so.

    • Eric Thompson on May 13, 2014 at 7:40 am

      I appreciate you trying to give me the benefit of the doubt, since, yes, this technology and its implications can be difficult to understand and believe within the current widespread scientific paradigm. And apparently, I haven’t been able to adequately explain it in a way that makes sense to some people. To try and do so in this reply would probably take me quite a while, as I have to take the time to build a framework for understanding certain principles and concepts before the steps of the process can be understood. As such, I will attempt to explain these ideas, principles and processes during our free coaching call tomorrow (Wednesday, May 14) at 11 AM Mountain (see call details below). If you are not able to attend, you can download the recording from our site the following week.


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