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Dear Profound Meditation Friends & Community,

Welcome! This is an initial blog to which your iAwake Technologies Team intends to add to regularly, to inspire, inform and support the transformational journey that you have begun, by using the Profound Meditation Program on a daily basis.

I find it very easy to speak about this, as these brainwave entrainment technologies have transformed my life, my work and my daily Integral Practice. For those of you who have received emails from me, you have seen the Profound Meditation slogan: “To change your brain is to change the world. To improve your brain is to improve the world. To heal your brain is to heal the world.” I believe this literally and I believe we have found a key to do just that. There is no problem that exists that threatens us as a species, that does not find its genesis in the human brain, with the exception of giant asteroids, and perhaps you can me email to add to this list. : ) But the majority of our problems are self-generated. As a character in Pogo, the old comic strip from my youth said, “We have found the enemy, and it is us.”

The bright side of this coin, however, is that all the solutions to the aforementioned self-created problems can emerge from the same place. By transforming our brains, by transforming our consciousness, by increasing our capacity to live from our essential oneness, to grow in compassion and intelligence and wisdom, is what we are doing and deepening on a daily basis, as we use the Profound Meditation Program.

The Profound Meditation technology does not negate the treasure house of spiritual wisdom and techniques created by our ancestors but reinforces them and makes them work much more quickly, and much more effectively and makes the fruits of these practices doable and achievable by the many (that means me and you) as opposed to the few: the awakened masters of the past. This is not modern, reductionistic science disavowing the ancient wisdom traditions but bringing them forward and translucing them with the light and the science of our 21st century technological genius. And all we have to do is show up for a brief period of time, every day, and at a certain point, as we practice, we begin to realize that what we are doing, as we listen to this technology, is about more than our personal development, healing and happiness. When we practice, we practice for our ancestors, for our families, friends, children and the present inhabitants of our beautiful planet and for the generations to come (of all species.)

The only way out of our current planetary crisis is if many of us begin to awaken to our true nature and our deepest potential. We are deeply grateful, honored, and humbled, to be able to offer this Profound Meditation Program to all of you.


John & iAwake Technologies Team

February 22, 2011

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