Response To A Question About Carrier Frequency

The following is a 2-part response I offered for the following question regarding carrier frequency:
“The only problem with this (and with Bill Harris’s similar assertions) is that in physics:  With a constant amplitude, a lower frequency has LESS energy than the higher frequency of that amplitude.  I suspect that what REALLY is happening is that as the ‘carrier frequency’ is lowered, it comes closer and closer to some resonance with the skull or brain.  At that ideal frequency maximum energy TRANSFER occurs.  Below that frequency, there is less energy transfer.  I did the entire Centerpointe Holosync program and found that somewhere around 2/3 the way through, the impact began to decrease. What’s needed here to convince me is to have someone quote which physics text that asserts that lower frequencies contain more energy than higher frequencies.  My recall is that it is the opposite.”


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