Potential Use of Brainwave and Biofield Entrainment Tech in Self-Managing Bulimia

Let me start with an introduction. I live in St. Petersburg, Russia where I maintain private practice in Integral psychotherapy after graduating as clinical psychologist from St. Petersburg State University in 2010. I have been using various products by iAwake Technologies for more than two years already to assist my integral life practice (that involves, among other things, transpersonal states of consciousness, meditation, psychotherapy, and cognitive learning), ever since I serendipitously encountered Eric Thompson’s theoretical paper “The Structure and Neurophenomenology of Spiritual Development: A Theory of Dialectical, Integrative and Holarchical Hemispheric Relationship.” This work impressed me with a promise for an in-depth integration of ego development theory articulated by Jane Loevinger and Susanne Cook-Greuter with basic considerations of contemporary neuroscience. Subsequently, after receiving permission from the author I translated the paper to Russian and published both English and Russian versions of the paper at altstates.net, a non-profit web project dedicated to promoting academic research of altered states of consciousness.

At that time I also downloaded a demo version of the Metanoia product (which evolved into what is now known as Profound Meditation Program), a brainwave entrainment program invented by Eric Thompson (Co-Founder of iAwake Technologies), listening to which instantaneously plunged me into a profound state of quietude and feeling interconnected with the entire universe. Upon receiving such a blissful experience I realized that I wanted to make Eric’s work available to my fellow countrymen. I had an intuitive insight that such a peak experience of highest quality that was entrained by the frequencies generated by Profound Meditation Program (PMP) could basically be one of the most powerful tools for catalyzing transformations of consciousness in people. Therefore, I immediately contacted Eric and proposed my vision of his products’ being distributed in the Russian-speaking world. Since then together with the iAwake team we have been slowly but gradually building up the necessary infrastructure, conditions, and general momentum to make this launch happen (we expect this to occur soon).

In subsequent blogs that I will write I want to share my personal unique relationship with the brainwave and biofield entrainment tools crafted by iAwake Technologies; but now I want to jump straight to one possible practical use of these tools. It shows us how this technology may alleviate suffering of many people who experience difficult and sometimes very disturbed states of consciousness. This is a single-case report that I collected from a Russian friend who had been using iAwake products to manage her psychosomatic condition. I encourage clinical scientists and psychologists to pay attention to the area of potentially beneficial therapeutic uses of brainwave and biofield entrainment technologies in assisting treatment of various psychosomatic conditions, mental disorders, addictions, depressive and neurotic states, and so on (especially, as a part of a comprehensive treatment program). If you are a researcher who is interested in conducting such a study using integral brainwave and biofield entrainment tools please feel free to send inquiries and proposals to the iAwake team. From many conversations and exchanges I had with Eric Thompson, John Dupuy and Pam Dupuy I know that they are interested in supporting such a research.

What follows is a translation of a woman’s testimonial regarding using Audio Serenity (one of the entrainment programs developed by iAwake Technologies) as a tool helpful to managing episodes of severe bulimia (she has used the program for half a year now):

For many years I have suffered from an eating disorder. On certain occasions I would torment myself by refusing to eat; on other occasions I would eat everything that happens to be in the refrigerator. Every time I saw something delicious at a food store I got succumbed in the trance of temptation. I would devour everything that my mouth encountered. With Audio Serenity it became easier for me to manage the episodes of gluttony. Every time I have a desire to eat something harmful I take on my earplugs and listen to Audio Serenity. If I keep my iPod in my pocket throughout the day, it becomes easier for me to keep the eating regime I aim at without slipping. Situational desires have increasingly less control over me!! Oh yes!! And the effect of this wonderful track expands my consciousness to cosmic limits! I feel unity with everything. The estrangement from the world and, first and foremost, from my own self disappear. The desire to succumb to the temptation dissolves in this Bliss! This is something extraordinary. Thank you Eric Thompson . . . for introducing me to iAwake Technologies.

This testimonial shows one of the multiple individual ways that people can use brainwave and biofield technologies to assist their unique quest to raising the quality of their life and help their personal and spiritual growth.

In my opinion, these new and accessible technologies (especially such as the ones developed by iAwake Technologies who pioneer an integral and comprehensive approach to their invention and distribution processes in order to benefit all sentient beings not only in North America but also in other parts of the world such as Russia) potentially allow addressing a wide spectrum of purposes that require inducing a qualitative shift in the subjectively perceived experience and altering the state of consciousness and the brain. I see their potential contribution to psychotherapy (of neurotic and potentially borderline and psychotic conditions), business and work (mastering one’s own states of consciousness for increasing productivity), facilitating social events and workshops (using some of the tracks to create a positive sound environment), assisting existential and spiritual quest (especially within contemplative and meditative schools), and increasing the probability of what Dr. Stanley Krippner, a well-known consciousness researcher, calls a transformative transpersonal experience.

Eugene Pustoshkin
St. Petersburg, Russia

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