How to Stay Grounded When Your Third Eye Awakens

An iAwake Techonologies practitioner wrote in recently, saying that after listening to VisionQuest, he felt “a low pressure” in his third eye area for two to three days afterwards. He wondered if anyone else was having a similar experience and what the pressure might signify. This is a common report we hear from people who use our biofield technology regularly. So I’d like to share my reply, which includes some practical tips for staying grounded and balanced during such an energetic awakening. If any one else would like to share their experiences, we would love to hear them.

Let me start by giving a very short and by no means exhaustive introduction to the third eye. The third eye center is, in essence, a kind of “power button” for the human bio-electrical system, playing an important role in turning it “on.” The Siddha tradition, for example, has been focusing attention on this area for the last 10,000 years, in order to gently and safely awaken and pull the spiritual kundalini energy up the spine and into and through the brain.

Applied kinesiology uses this third eye center as a way to “reset” the bio-electrical system back to baseline whenever it seems to be energetically unaligned. And various energy psychology “tapping” methods, which have been used very successfully in treating PTSD, often use this area as one of their primary acupuncture tapping points.

So, when the third eye center seems to be activating, it is quite a positive sign, and it’s perfectly safe. I feel this sensation in the area of the third eye nearly constantly, in varying degrees of intensity, from morning to bedtime. This is the area where the closed eyes naturally go when we drift off to sleep at night. Attention on this area appears to naturally stimulate the pituitary gland, in turn releasing neuropeptides, whose more plentiful receptor sites naturally reside in the endocrine glands, which are the gross physical correlates of the individual chakras (in yogic philosophy).

How to Stay Grounded When Your Third Eye Awakens

(NOTE: It is common to see various wisdom traditions contradict each other in locating the third eye area. Many traditions place the third eye area in and around the pituitary gland, while others place it in the pineal gland. A few others place it in the “Cave of Brahma,” which is the area of the third ventrical. In my experience, when the kundalini-shakti begins to rise up the spine and into any one of these areas, say the pineal gland, for example, for any extended period of time, it tends to also resonate the other areas (pituitary and third ventrical) to some extent, since they are all in close proximity to one another. And I am convinced that when all three areas begin to resonate synchronously with one another consistently, this represents the third eye [and thus inner vision and revelation] awakening in its true fullness. That being said, for general purposes I will correlate the third eye with the pituitary gland.)

It seems that sustained attention on this area between the eyebrows serves as a safe and practical method of powering on the entire human bio-electrical system, including the energetic heart center. In fact, the heart contains the most numerous neuropeptide receptor sites in the human body. In this way, skillfully sustained attention on the third eye can be seen as a means of turning on the subtle energetic system in a way that makes deeper access to the energetic heart possible.

The pituitary gland is a master gland that plays a primary role not only in the regulation of human growth hormone but also of eight other hormones essential to homeostasis. It has been theorized that the natural tendency of a baby’s closed eyes to go to this area during sleep—and babies spend a lot of time in sleep—plays a natural role in activating the pituitary’s crucial role in infant health and growth.

That said, in my experience the biofield technology can act like a kind of healthy shaktipat transmission, where spiritual energy is transferred from guru to student in order to activate the student’s energetic system. To be clear, I am not suggesting that the biofield technology is the equivalent of, or a substitute for, shaktipat initiation. It does, however, seem to interact with the human energetic system in a way that is very similar to that of shaktipat initiation. And having undergone shaktipat initation, it is my daily experience that the biofield technology supports, strengthens, grows, and renews that original powerful shakti initiation I first experienced years ago, so that it is an ongoing, ever growing experience.

We do well not to get too caught up in these energetic phenomena. At the same time,cultivating this profoundly tangible experience of spiritual connection can be very helpful in elevating and raising consciousness, as the kundalini-shakti’s natural tendency is to merge with pure consciousness. When this spiritual current is flowing strongly, meditation ceases to be a technique and becomes pure, nonattached, embodied FLOW, where, rather than trying to meditate, you are instead being meditatED. Your conscious awareness literally rides the kundalini-shakti like a surfer on a wave, right into samadhi. The “wave” does all the work, and “you” just ride it, until you actually become the wave.

In addition, this profound energetic connection helps provide the fullness that is often missing in modern spiritual practice, where an individual may be too focused on emptiness and detachment, to the point of lacking compassion. Bill Epperly wrote a great blog outlining the importance of balancing emptiness with fullness which can be read here.

In closing, having a sustained sensation at the third eye is generally a sign that your kundalini energy has been activated and is in fact rising up the spine. While this sensation can eventually become quite blissful, it’s important to ground the energy as well, so that it’s not always overwhelming the brain and the senses.

If ever this energetic sensation of the kundalini at the third eye and in the brain becomes so strong that it distracts you or causes you to feel too spacey, effective grounding can be accomplished in a number of ways:

1) Walk outside on the grass (or a beach) barefooted. If there is a street sign or a metal clothesline pole nearby, also grasp it while you stand barefooted. These poles usually extend deep within the ground, so you will get a good grounding effect from them, in which the excess charge moves back into the earth.

2) If you have a cast iron tub, take a long shower. If the plumbing extends underground, taking a shower in a cast iron tub will do a great job of grounding the energy.

3) Simply rub your tailbone a few times. This will attract the excess kundalini energy in the brain to re-distribute back down towards the root chakra.

4) Place your attention on the root chakra for a short period of time. This method works well, but you cannot sustain your attention on this area for too long, or it will eventually begin re-stimulating the kundalini energy.

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Eric Thompson of iAwake TechnologiesEric Thompson is a co-founder of iAwake Technologies, LLC and was its Chief Technology Officer. Although no longer with iAwake Technologies, his contributions have been immense. Eric is also an inventor, researcher, and producer, and is considered one of the world’s foremost brainwave entrainment experts. In addition, Eric is a pioneer in the development of biofield entrainment technology, which digitally captures and transmits life-enhancing and beneficial subtle energies to the human biofield via any digital medium, including pictures, audio, and film. By combining this emerging technology with an unconventional, innovative, and original approach to audio brainwave entrainment, Eric strives to make profound spiritual development and emotional freedom more easily accessible to all. He writes and speaks on the intersection between neuroscience, psychology, subtle energy, and spirituality.


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  1. Don VanEvery on December 3, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    Thank you for this I read this not in the interest of being grounded but Ive been reading a lot of this type of spiritual teachings. My concern was while I was practicing reading my aura, I focused on my 3rd eye and as I focused and everything in my face amd body darkened and where I was focusing started to seemingly caved inward. I seen my aura but it was the sinking of my forehead that struck me. I didnt know if this was part of the process or were my eyes just playimg tricks. So I looked it up and led me here.

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