Digital Shaman ~ The Story Behind Vision Quest

Digital Shaman ~ The Story Behind VisionQuestWith the introduction of VisionQuest, Eric Thompson, creator of iAwake Technology’s products, puts on squarely the mantle of what I believe is one of his true callings to our world: Digital Shaman.

Until I wrote it out I didn’t realize how much it seemed… apt. I see a shaman as a person who is a bridge between the 2 worlds, the seen and the unseen – who helps others move between these two worlds, in order to seek clarity, guidance, healing, spiritual growth.

When Eric completes a new release, we interview him about his inspiration, about the soundtrack (in this case by ambient musician Robert Rich), the embedded technology and its application. (Our last blog, Introducing VisionQuest: A Journey into Shamanic Consciousness, summarized this audio recording.)

Have a listen to what Eric has to say about his latest creation:

Vision Quest - Listen Now

Here is a short excerpt from our interview:

Pam: Okay. I’m excited to get to be speaking with Eric again about this latest creation. Actually, I want to read something, Eric, that you said when you initially sent this out to everyone. I’m not sure if you remember this, but you said, “I believe this may be my best work yet. My experience with it so far has been amazing, especially with the second track which, for best entrainment, needs to be listened to in succession after Track 1. I’ll be fashioning all my entrainment work from now on after the entrainment protocols used in this recording. I’m really blown away with this one.”

Vision Quest - Learn MoreThat really hit me when you wrote that and sent that out to us. I’d love just for you to maybe share a bit more about what you’re experiencing and why you’re feeling this way.

Eric: Well, I wrote that right after I had sat down and listened to it. Frankly, it was so powerful that I couldn’t sit through the whole hour. It wasn’t because I was antsy and don’t like to sit for an hour in meditation. I usually sit anywhere from 2 to 3 hours a day. That wasn’t the problem. It was just so powerful in terms of the actual entrainment effect, the carriers, and the biofield that it was just really, really powerful and I knew that I had really gotten closer to something I had… that I kind of set for myself with this – that I felt like this was pushing forward a standard that I hadn’t seen elsewhere in other recordings to the point that it was just profound. Not just a nice state change, but truly profound… I was a little shocked afterwards.

Vision Quest

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