Combining PMP Meditations with Unassisted Meditations

Q: In the ILP literature, Ken Wilbur does endorse the use of “auditory meditation aids” such as this, but also emphasizes the need for an onging meditation practice without such aids. With only so much time in a day to meditate, since I am a householder and not a monk, what is your perspective? My sense is that over time, I will need the PMP programm less and less and be able to organically evolve to deeper meditation states “spontaneously” as desired. Or should I simply schedule a 50:50 time split between PMP meditation and non-PMP meditation?

A: There are a number of ways you can combine PMP meditations with unassisted meditations. One would be to use PMP/iAwake releases in the mornings, and meditate without assistance in the evenings. Another would be to meditate with PMP for 20 minutes, followed by 40 minutes of unaided meditation. In both cases the unaided meditations should be deeper and more coherent than otherwise, because the preceding PMP meditations are literally priming the brain and nervous system for greater coherence, which in turn should produce noticeable results even when meditating unaided afterward.

I would like to point out, however, that iAwake technology goes much further than just relying on audio entrainment, as most other brainwave meditation programs do. Indeed, iAwake’s powerful biofield entrainment technology produces very effective and silent torsion fields that entrain not only the brain but the entire subtle energetic system as well. The effect really is identical to what you experience at an exceptionally good meditation retreat: the combined and amplified biofields of all the meditators generate a tangible “field effect” that deepens the meditative state of each individual significantly. iAwake’s biofield technology brings this powerful “field effect” right to your home, so you can enjoy that very natural and powerful energetic push from which all retreat attendees and monastery groups benefit. This biofield technology uses precisely the same very natural energies you would encounter in such retreats: the energies of the higher chakras as well as the very energies found and measured in places associated with profound monastic practices (inspired by and drawn from the emerging science of BioGeometry, which is a significant develop in the scientific study and practical use of subtle energies for spiritual well-being).

Furthermore, depending on your sensitivity to these energies, most of the iAwake biofield formulations can be experienced simply by playing the tracks silently on your mp3 player, Smartphone or media player. This means you can use this technology silently to assist your otherwise unaided meditations, just as if you were benefiting from the combined subtle field effects from all the meditators in one room. This way, you get all the advantages of that subtle energetic dynamic without the limitations and distractions that come with audio assistance.

The beauty of this is that you can also amplify iAwake’s biofield transmission to virtually any amplitude you need in order to feel that very organic but helpful push, regardless of your degree of sensitivity (using multiple players; please see: How to Amplify the Biofield Transmission of any iAwake Product: Again, as one who comes from the shaktipat and Siddha traditions, I find that this biofield use is truly organic and in no way interferes with my inner meditation practice.

In fact, it has deepened and strengthened my inner practice in every conceivable way. I often meditate with this biofield technology silently, with no audio assistance, and the results have been splendid. My meditations are consistently deeper than ever, with varying levels of samadhi being quite normal. In addition, I can carry these energies with me throughout the day, by using various playing devices silently, and it is almost like being in the presence of a spiritual master: I feel deeply and spiritually supported, more easily able to remain conscious, mindful and compassionate throughout the day.

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