If you have a computer, an MP3 player, or a smartphone, you can actually make biofield technology as powerful as you like by amplifying the transmission of the biofield signal, thereby increasing its “push power.” In fact, even though I have been doing brain entrainment for years and years, experiencing transformation consistently, I have found that I don’t have to go beyond Profound Meditation Program 3.0 Tier 1 and Epsilon, because I am able to increase the amplitude of the biofield part of the technology just enough to continually push my nervous system.

The following 7 ways to amplify biofield technology will work with virtually any of iAwake’s products.

7 Ways to Amplify Biofield Technology

  1. The easiest way to amplify the biofield technology is to combine your computer’s media players. Most computers have more than one media player; my computer, for example, has iTunesGOM PlayerRealPlayer, and Windows Media Player. Whenever you meditate with PMP 3.0, or any iAwake track for that matter, just open up the track on all the different media players that you have and turn the volume down on all of them but one. Keep one on so you can hear the sound. The combined media players will amplify the biofield technology and the bigger the screen you have, the stronger the transmission you will feel, because the electromagnetic field is converted into a carrier for the technology. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry whether or not the multiple media players synced; the biofield energy will still be amplified even if the players aren’t synced. You can find further instructions and a list of free media players here.
  2. A second way to amplify biofield technology is, again, using multimedia players, but instead of using many different media players, you can open up whatever track you want to amplify in multiple players within one media player system. Using GOM Player, for example, (a free download, just click here) you can create a unique playlist: you put in the chosen track and then set it to play on repeat. Then go back to the original file that you saved on your hard drive, right-click it, and open in GOM Player. Do that repeatedly, and you will have multiple windows of the GOM Player, each playing the track on repeat. Again, just turn the volume down on all of them but one. You can open up as many files as you like. Most PCs, Macs, and laptops will play as many as 20 videos simultaneously. This method also works with VLC Player.
  3. A third way to amplify is to simply duplicate the track within a folder using Quicktime. Duplicate it as many times as you like, changing the name for each track. The easiest way to do this is to copy the file, paste it, and do that repeatedly; it will automatically rename the file, for example, PMP Track 1 Tier 1 (copy), and the next one, PMP Track 1 Tier 1 (copy(copy), and on down the line. Then you just open Quicktime and open each of these players, set them on repeat, and all of the tracks will continue to play simultaneously. Turn them all down except one, and you have your amplified biofield.
  4. Another way to amplify the biofield signal is to transfer any iAwake track to any smartphone or portable media player and set it on repeat, so it plays over and over. Then, when you are going to meditate, for example, take your smartphone or portable media player and set it underneath the power cord that is feeding your computer. A subtle energetic field is then created through your player that interfaces with the electromagnetic field that is coursing through the power cords. It will actually convert the electromagnetic field of the power cords into a carrier for the biofield technology. This will be emitted through your screen through any audio or video that you play on the computer. This is a very powerful way to amplify biofield technology.
  5. Another interesting way to amplify the technology is to play any of the iAwake tracks silently, in the background, all day long. I highly recommend this method. The more you saturate your energetic field with the biofield technology, the more centered and rejuvenated you will be, and the easier it is for you to resonate with your deepest, highest self. At the same time, this will counteract all the negative effects of the EMF that are produced by your computer. It’s just a smart way to work at the computer. I do this every day myself, because I have learned that it’s the best way I can be a good steward of this technology.
  6. Once you have these players working silently in the background all day, you can take a water bottle, any size, and set it in front of or near your computer screen. After a 7 Ways to Amplify Biofield Technologyfew hours, the water will actually begin to absorb the biofield. This restructures the water so that it is healthier for your body. The water stores, radiates, amplifies, and slightly softens the energy for as long as it’s near the subtle energetic source. The bigger the bottle of water, the longer it will take to charge it with the field, but the larger the circumference of the area that will be affected. So,put a jug of spring water by your computer, just leave it there unopened, and after a good day of sitting in front of the computer, it will start to radiate the energy to you.
  7. 7 Ways to Amplify Biofield TechnologyAnother powerful way to amplify the biofield (I only recommend this for use with a smartphone or portable media player) is to tape a rare earth neodymium magnet to the back of your phone or your portable media player when you play the iAwake tracks. The magnet automatically amplifies the field. This is very, very powerful. Be careful, however, not to let any magnets near your computer hard drive, as it could possibly be erased.

The fact that you can amplify the biofield technology in the Profound Meditation Program 3.0, and virtually any of our other products, is one of the things that makes the technology so powerful. These tracks become tools that can grow with you as you continue to practice. There is no limit to the potential amplitude; you can increase it to infinity.


Eric Thompson of iAwake TechnologiesEric Thompson is a co-founder of iAwake Technologies, LLC and was its Chief Technology Officer. Although no longer with iAwake Technologies, his contributions have been immense. Eric is also an inventor, researcher, and producer, and is considered one of the world’s foremost brainwave entrainment experts. In addition, Eric is a pioneer in the development of biofield entrainment technology, which digitally captures and transmits life-enhancing and beneficial subtle energies to the human biofield via any digital medium, including pictures, audio, and film. By combining this emerging technology with an unconventional, innovative, and original approach to audio brainwave entrainment, Eric strives to make profound spiritual development and emotional freedom more easily accessible to all. He writes and speaks on the intersection between neuroscience, psychology, subtle energy, and spirituality.


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