PMP 3.0 Resource Links (from User eManual)

Component 2 – The Releasing Tracks

  • Signs of Acute Overtraining/Overwhelm
  • Brainwave Patterns in the Releasing Tracks
  • Carrier Frequencies in the Releasing Tracks
  • Sections Related to Releasing
  • Final Note on the Releasing Tracks

Component 3 – Epsilon – Optional

  • Epsilon
  • As Deep As You Like
  • Brainwave Patterns in Epsilon
  • Important Notes on Optimal Use
  • Further Notes

Component 4 – Gamma/Hyper-Gamma – Optional

  • Gamma/Hyper-Gamma
  • Important Notes on Optimal Use
  • Brainwave Patterns in Gamma/Hyper-Gamma

Epsilon and Gamma/Hyper-Gamma Carrier Frequencies

Epsilon and Gamma/Hyper-Gamma Biofield Amplitude

Comparisons Between PMP 3.0 and the Static Multi-Level Approach

  • General Comparison
  • Carrier Frequency Comparison

PMP 3.0’s Audio Brainwave Entrainment Technology

iAwake Neural Entrainment Technology in PMP 3.0

  • Exhaustive Binaural Encoding
  • Dual-Pulse Binaural Signals
  • Harmonic Layering
  • Temporal Entrainment
  • Energetic (Biofield) Entrainment
  • Carrier Frequency Therapy
  • Stimulation & Recovery Cycles
  • A Common Misconception About Carrier Frequency
  • PMP 3.0’s “Driving Effect” on the Brain

Biofield Technology

 An Introduction to Biofield Science

Part 1 – Morphic Resonance

Part 2 – Scientific Evidence for a Connecting Matrix

Part 4 – Tapping into the Informational and Energetic Matrix

Biofield Frequencies/Level of Consciousness Correlation Chart

Biofield Formulations in PMP 3.0

The “Evolved Mind” Brainwave Pattern in PMP 3.0’s Biofield Signals

How You Can Easily Amplify PMP 3.0’s Biofield Transmission

Free Downloadable Media Players (for use in amplifying the biofield transmission)