What are some tips for listening to PMP?

Schedule time every day to listen to the session. This will help your mind and body come to expect its use and accept you listening as a “habit” that will be easier to maintain. First thing in the morning and before the evening meal is ideal. One hour of meditation per day is ideal. Regardless of which PMP tracks you meditate with, try to meditate at least one hour per day using PMP.

Sit in a comfortable chair with head and neck support, or on your meditation cushion. Always sit upright while listening, this best facilitates the increased attention, focus and energy that will accrue during listening sessions.

We generally recommend listening with your eyes closed, this helps focus your attention and minimize distractions for optimal entrainment. If you practice eyes-open meditation, such as Zazen or Shamatha, continue listening with your eyes open.

We don’t recommend you listen to PMP Primary Meditation Tracks for more than 2 hours a day.