What is the difference between PMP 2.0 and PMP 3.0?

iAwake Technologies has an evolutionary, constantly evolving approach, so whatever we release contains the latest experimentation, research and development that our developers have been working on. You might think of it as a software model with upgrades. PMP 2.0 is still a very awesome product, particularly in comparison to other products on the market….but PMP3 is the most innovative to date and has been through extensive beta testing.

PMP 2.0 is made up of 2 CDs: Primary Meditation & Releasing Meditation for a total of 6 20-minute tracks, and it was created in the Spring of 2011.
  • Brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta
  • Biofield Technology: Introductory Level
  • Evolutionary “Push”
    • Carrier Frequency (6 tracks)
    • Biofield Technology
    • 4 brainwave patterns
  • Sound Effects: Creek sounds combined with distant thunder
PMP 3 – Full Spectrum is made up of 6 CDs: 3 Tiers of Primary Meditation, Releasing Meditation (updated), Epsilon & Gamma/Hyper Gamma for a total of 18 20-minute tracks.
  • Brainwaves: Hyper Gamma, Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, Epsilon
  • Releasing Meditation – updated with the Evolved Mind pattern of Maxwell Cade
  • Evolved Mind Pattern embedded in several tacks, correlated with reports of unconditional joy, bliss and expansive awareness in highly seasoned meditators
  • Biofield Technology – Sophisticated, gradual increase with tiers/tracks, is far stronger and can generate the “field effect” normally only experienced in meditation retreats
  • Evolutionary “Push”:
    • Full spectrum carrier frequency (18 tracks),
    • 7 brainwave patterns,
    • Increased biofield amplitude from tier to tier
    • Can increase biofield by adding simultaneous players
  • Sound Effects: Gentle Rain
What people are saying about their experience of PMP3 in Comparison to PMP2:
  • Smooth, yet powerful
  • Full spectrum provides a wealth of tracks to choose from according to one’s intuitive needs for practice
  • The increase in biofield technology decreases resistance to change, making it easier to accept what arises
  • More powerful push than 2.0
  • People who are more sensitive to the push of the carrier frequency find PMP 3.0 more easy to adapt to: gentler yet powerful
  • Epsilon – “tangible deep push”, “homecoming”
  • Gamma: “deep entrainment, strong focus”