When I import the tracks from the CDs, they don’t keep their labeling information—what should I do?

EXPLANATION: Gracenotes, (provides the database of music and video metadata via the internet) doesn’t always recognize the difference between some of our iAwake tracks if the sound is similar (while the embedded technology isn’t), and so offers its best guess. We use an on-demand CD fulfillment system so we can’t hard-wire the labeling info (metadata) in. The tracks on the CDs are correct according to the label on the outside of the CD.

WHAT TO DO: You have 2 options:
1) The easiest and best is to download the tracks with the provided download links you receive in your order emails, rather than trying to import from the CDs. They will keep their labels, etc.

2) The next best thing to do is to put one CD into your computer, ignore iTunes’ label suggestions, then label the track you import – either by slowly clicking on the title and renaming, or going to File>Get Info and renaming. Don’t bother with labeling the CD tracks but only tracks you actually import – they will stick – but the ones you assign to the CD tracks will be replaced with the last similar CD you popped in.

See PMP 3.0 Track Titles