How do I transfer files from iTunes to iPad/iPod/iPhone?

The easiest way is to get your tracks on your device is to download the iAwake App, enter the email address you used to purchase the tracks, verify your email, then your tracks will appear within the app. But if you want to download the tracks to your device and put them into the main music player, then follow these directions:

1. Hook up your iPad/iPod/iPhone to your computer (NOTE: Your iPad/iPod/iPhone will need to be registered to your computer with iTunes) Make sure the iPad/iPod/iPhone is showing up under Devices on the left side of the iTunes Panel.

2. Select the specific files you want to move over to your iPad/iPod/iPhone by going to the Playlist.

3. Drag those selected files over to where the iPad/iPod/iPhone is showing up under devices. Make sure the files are copying.

4. Check if the file/s are completely transferred.