How to transfer iAwake files to iPad, iPhone, iPod from your computer

The easiest way to get your iAwake files onto your mobile device is to download the iAwake App onto your device, verify your email, and all purchased tracks will appear within the app. If, however you want to transfer tracks from your computer onto your device, then follow these directions.

  1. Download, if you haven’t already got it, iTunes to your computer
  2. Download, if you haven’t already, your iAwake audio files to your computer and into iTunes.
  3. To copy the audio files onto your iPad/iPod/iPhone, hook up your iPad/iPod/iPhone to your computer
  4. (NOTE: Your iPad/iPod/iPhone will need to be registered to your computer with iTunes)
  5. Turn on iTunes
  6. Make sure the iPad/iPod/iPhone is showing up under Devices in iTunes Panel
  7. Select the specific files you want to move over to your iPad/iPod/iPhone.
  8. Drag those selected files over to where the iPad/iPod/iPhone is showing up under devices.
  9. Make sure the files are copying.

To make playlists for better control and access:

  1. Select your iPad/iPod/iPhone, under Devices, in iTunes.
  2. Select Music
  3. Select the files you want in a playlist (for example you might select: PM-1-1, PM-1-2, PM-1-3)
  4. Go to File, then select New Playlist from Selection
  5. Name the Playlist (for example you might name it: PM Tier 1)
  6. You are all set.
  7. To access the playlist on your iPod, iPad or iPhone, go to the Music icon, then choose Playlist at the bottom, and you will see your files.
  8. NOTE: You can always access your iAwake files by going to Songs and searching for them


For PMP3 File Titles, go here: