What is the proper listening order for the PMP tracks?

Generally speaking, it is usually best to listen to Track 1 before listening to Track 2, as well as Track 2 before Track 3. This is usually the best way to ensure that the brain will entrain to the stimulus, since this approach slowly introduces the brain to these deeper patterns rather than attempting to immediately immerse it so deeply.

The PMP tracks, however, are powerful enough that each one can entrain your brain to the targeted brainwave pattern even if the previous track is not played immediately before, depending on your sensitivity to the entrainment stimulus.

With many other entrainment programs it is necessary to first listen to, say, an Alpha track that descends from Beta before listening to a Theta and Delta track. This is required with some other programs because the entrainment stimulus is limited in its efficacy and depends in part on its ability to first entrain neurological activity in the Beta bandwidth (since this pattern dominates waking consciousness) and slow it down by gradually moving from Beta through Alpha, Theta and Delta in a linear manner. With PMP 3.0, however, this is not always necessary, due to its increased entrainment efficacy.

As such, we now have PMP participants who listen to 40 minutes in the morning (i.e., tracks 1 and 2) and 20 minutes in the evening (track 3). Others feel comfortable skipping Track 1 and instead meditate with Tracks 2 and 3. Of course, 20 min in the morning, 20 min in the afternoon, and 20 min in the evening is also a valid option.

We recommend, generally, that you listen to the Primary Meditation tracks for an hour/day for 3 days, then alternate on every fourth day with the Releasing Meditation tracks.