How can I best use PMP 3.0 to help with tension and anxiety?

“For the past month I have been suffering for tension and anxiety. The anxiety seems to be non-specific (mainly being anxious about having anxiety). My GP recently prescribed an SSRI drug (Cipramil) to help with the anxiety.

My question is:
How can I best use PMP3 to help with tension and anxiety? Should I just use the release tracks as the main tracks might provide too much push for me to handle?”


Yes, begin with the Release tracks, then gradually introduce the Primary Meditation tracks. When people are in a more acute anxious phase, the tracks may exacerbate it (though for others it is the opposite!)…so starting with the Releasing tracks is a good plan. Obviously, in the long run, evolving into using the Primary Meditation tracks daily is optimal, as, over time, they help develop more resiliency and capacity to cope with stress. But please experiment. I know one person who would listen to 1 Primary Meditation track then follow it with a Releasing track. See what your system responds best to.

Audio Serenity is designed specifically to help with anxiety…though more of a short-term solution, providing relaxation while listening and afterwards, but it is not the long-term tool that PMP is.

Please see other FAQs and teleseminars for more information about working with anxiety, releasing, etc.