Tips on releasing

Accompanying the relaxing and pleasant energies of PMP 3.0 will also be a deeper awareness of the pertinent issues you need to release. You will sense them as a kind of tension, anxiety and resistance somewhere in the background of the bliss. Rest assured that this is a VERY positive sign, because you are now perfectly poised to let these resistances go. Instructions and guidelines for facilitating such release are included below.

Deep, slow, rhythmic and relatively effortless breathing greatly assists this process.

  • Can you label the discomfort? Is it anxiety over an upcoming event, a sense of unworthiness, shame, fear, frustration? Neuroscientific research tells us that the nonjudgmental labeling of emotions and feelings activates neural circuitry which tempers the experience of such disturbances by down-regulating the amygdala’s fear response.
  • Now, can you let go of labeling the feeling? Can you allow yourself to simply sink into the feeling itself, without the need of labeling it? While the initial labeling of feelings helps us to tune into them and become more comfortable with them, continued attachment to such labels prevents us from simply being with the root of the discomfort, devoid of assumptions, expectations and unhealthy attachments.
  • Are you resisting the feeling? Can you allow yourself to just let go of resisting it? Could you allow yourself to let go even more? And more? Are you ready to just let go?
  • Could you allow yourself to become aware of the sense of space that surrounds and permeates this feeling? Is this space and your experience of it limited to your body? Does this space extend far beyond your body and your experience of the feeling? Could you allow your experience of the feeling to extend into the space around you and far beyond your body? Can you now experience this feeling from the infinite space, silence and timelessness which surround and extend far beyond your body? Is the feeling as intense now? Has it dissipated somewhat? Could you allow yourself to continue bathing this feeling with your awareness of this infinite spaciousness, silence and timelessness?
  • Could you allow yourself just to softly sink into the root of the feeling? Could you allow the resulting intense feelings to wash over you in full awareness and with open embrace as they dissipate in this infinite field of timeless, spacious awareness?
  • Could you allow yourself to imagine not needing to do anything at all?
  • Could you let go of any significance or meaning you’ve projected onto some event or situation in your life?
  • Could you imagine being entirely complete and utterly at peace, with no need for anything? Could you just allow the feeling of being utterly and perfectly complete to arise effortlessly in your awareness?
  • If there is a fear, could you allow yourself to look at it and come to peace with it? Once you look at the very worst that can happen and come to peace with it by accepting and releasing it, you strip that fear of its power over you. What’s the worst that could happen? Allow yourself to experience the worst scenario possible with full awareness, and you will find that the fear eventually dissipates (if you stay with it long enough) because you brought unflinching awareness to it.